How much does a balloon pump weigh?

How much does a balloon pump weigh?

Power: 600W. NOT Helium Pump – This is an AIR balloon pump instead of helium pump….Specification:

Type of balloon inflator: manual, automatic
Weight: 2.8LB/1.3KG

What is Cardiosave?

It’s a therapeutic medical device that helps your heart pump more blood with less energy from your own body. One might need IABP therapy if their heart is unable to pump enough blood throughout their body. A long balloon called an IAB or intra-aortic balloon is attached to one end of a catheter.

How often do you need to zero an IABP with fiber optic technology?

Note: With a MAQUET/Datascope fiber-optic IAB, there is no need to zero. Calibration occurs automatically after pressing START. Operator may invoke a calibration anytime by pressing and holding ZERO PRESSURE key for 2 seconds, while assisting.

How is an intra aortic balloon pump placed?

In many cases, this procedure is done through a small cut on the inside of your upper leg. Your healthcare provider will insert the balloon pump catheter into an artery in your leg. He or she will then guide it to your aorta. From there, the IABP can start to do its work.

Why is IABP filled with helium?

Helium is used to inflate the balloon as it is low density means there is little turbulent flow, so the balloon can inflate fast and deflate slowly. It is also relatively benign and eliminated quickly if there is a leak or rupture in the balloon.

Why is helium used in balloon pumps?

The balloon is made of polyethylene and is inflated with gas driven by the pump. Helium is often used because its low density facilitates rapid transfer of gas from console to the balloon. It is also easily absorbed into the blood stream in case of rupture of the balloon.

What is the CardioSave IABP?

The CardioSave Hybrid/Rescue Intra-Aortic Balloon Pumps (IABP) are cardiac (heart) assist devices used with patients undergoing cardiac and non-cardiac surgery, and to treat adult patients who have acute coronary syndrome or complications of heart failure.

Does IABP decrease preload?

IABP inflates at the onset of diastole, thereby increasing diastolic pressure and deflates just before systole, thus reducing LV afterload….Physiological effects of IABP therapy.

Aorta ↓systolic pressure, ↑diastolic pressure
Heart ↓afterload, ↓preload, ↑cardiac output
Blood flow ↑→ coronary blood flow

How long is an intra-aortic balloon pump?

IABP duration ranged from one to seven days (median two days).