Is Taran Tactical any good?

Is Taran Tactical any good?

TTI’s equipment is solid and highly reliable, whether in competition or outside of it. Purchasing equipment and gear from TTI won’t immediately turn you into Taran Butler, but it can turn you into a more professional shooter if you want it too.

Can you buy ammo on credit card?

You can buy a gun with a credit card but not everywhere. Several major credit card processors – including PayPal, Stripe and Square – do not accept gun purchases. They classify firearms as a “high risk” purchase, a designation used for transactions with a high potential for chargebacks and/or fraud.

Who owns Taran Tactical?

Taran Butler
Taran Tactical Innovations was founded in 2011 by Taran Butler who started TTI to share his acquired knowledge of the sport shooting culture.

Who is the girl from Taran Tactical?

Tetiana Gaidar started life in Kiev, Ukraine, with aspirations of being one of those people both as a technical consultant and as an actress. We spent the day at Taran Tactical getting to know the new gal on the range.

Does buying ammo online require ID?

You must show a valid California driver license or ID card; if it is not REAL ID compliant, you will need to show additional documents. Non-residents may not purchase ammo. Non-residents may bring ammo with them for personal use without a background check.

Who trained Keanu Reeves to shoot?

Butler is a multiple United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) 3-Gun National and World Champion; he’s the man who helped turned Keanu Reeves into John Wick; and he can shoot six, 8-inch plates set 30 feet away with one hand while drawing from the hip in well under two seconds.

What did Taran Tactical do?

Taran is the first ever USPSA Multigun National Tactical Champion. He is considered one of the most versatile shooters in the world. He is also the first and only USPSA Multigun Triple Crown National Champion by winning the Limited, Tactical, and Open Divisions.

Who taught John Wick?

At one point, he was recruited by a Ruska Roma organized crime group and trained by its leader, a woman known as “the Director”, in New York City.

Who trained John Wick to shoot?