What is a schedule of reinforcement?

What is a schedule of reinforcement?

Schedules of reinforcement are the precise rules that are used to present (or to remove) reinforcers (or punishers) following a specified operant behavior. These rules are defined in terms of the time and/or the number of responses required in order to present (or to remove) a reinforcer (or a punisher).

What are the 5 reinforcement schedules?

Partial Schedules of Reinforcement (Intermittent)

  • Fixed interval schedule (FI)
  • Fixed ratio schedule (FR)
  • Variable interval schedule (VI)
  • Variable ratio schedule (VR)

What is meant by a schedule of reinforcement give some examples?

Definition: A schedule of reinforcement where reinforcement is provided after a fixed amount of time elapses. Example in everyday context: You provide yourself with a handful of potato chips after you study for 45 minutes (FI 45).

What is a schedule of reinforcement quizlet?

Schedule of Reinforcement. Indicates what exactly has to be done for the reinforcer to be delivered. You vary the nature of the response required for reinforcement to see how that affects behavior. Continuous Reinforcement. Each specified response is reinforced.

What are the types and schedule of reinforcement?

Two types of ratio reinforcement schedules may be used: fixed and variable. Learners are reinforced after a period of time. Two types of interval reinforcement schedules may be used: fixed interval and variable interval.

What is an example of fixed interval schedule?

Fixed Interval Schedules in the Real World A weekly paycheck is a good example of a fixed-interval schedule. The employee receives reinforcement every seven days, which may result in a higher response rate as payday approaches. Dental exams also take place on a fixed-interval schedule.

What is an example of a fixed ratio schedule?

An example of a fixed-ratio schedule would be a child being given a candy for every 3-10 pages of a book they read. For example, they are given a candy after reading 5 pages, then 3 pages, then 7 pages, then 8 pages, etc.

Why is scheduling useful in reinforcement?

In continuous schedules, reinforcement is provided every single time after the desired behavior. Due to the behavior reinforced every time, the association is easy to make and learning occurs quickly.

What is an example of a progressive schedule of reinforcement?

A schedule of delivering reinforcement in which the number of correct responses required before reinforcer delivery gradually increases. For example, a student might get a candy completing 3 math problems correctly, then be required to solve 5 math problems correctly for a candy, then seven corrects etc.

What is an example of a variable interval schedule?

Your Employer Checking Your Work: Does your boss drop by your office a few times throughout the day to check your progress? This is an example of a variable-interval schedule. These check-ins occur at unpredictable times, so you never know when they might happen.

What is an example of variable ratio schedule?

In operant conditioning, a variable-ratio schedule is a partial schedule of reinforcement in which a response is reinforced after an unpredictable number of responses. 1 This schedule creates a steady, high rate of response. Gambling and lottery games are good examples of a reward based on a variable-ratio schedule.