What is the literal meaning of mahjong?

What is the literal meaning of mahjong?

mahjong in British English or mah-jongg (ˌmɑːˈdʒɒŋ ) noun. a game of Chinese origin, usually played by four people, in which tiles bearing various designs are drawn and discarded until one player has an entire hand of winning combinations. Word origin. from Chinese, literally: sparrows.

What is mahjong and how is it played?

Mahjong is always played with four players seated around a table. Tiles are shuffled, die are cast, and rituals involving the allocation of tiles and then the exchange of tiles begin. The first person to match a hand of 14 tiles and thus “call mahjong” ends the game, whereupon tiles are scored and a winner is declared.

What is the goal of the game mahjong?

The primary aim of the game is to collect such tiles that allow a player to call “Mah Jong” and go out. In order to do this, a player must achieve one of the following: A pair, and 4 Pungs, Kongs or Chows. A special hand.

What are the terms in mahjong?

Terminology List

Aburakkoi 油っこい A tile that is usable in many combination, it often refers to the middle number tile 4-6.
Chidorizumi 千鳥積み Cheating – to set up the draw of another.
Chii Seven.
Chii チー The call to make a sequence / min jun.
Chimma-jan 清麻雀 Mahjong that does not use Hanahai tiles. Antonym is Hana-mahjong.

Is mahjong a skill or luck?

Luck is always a factor, but to a large extent in mahjong you create your own ‘luck’ (or lack thereof) through the decisions you make during the game. Mahjong is a game of skill and luck, where most of the skill is built around maximising the chance that you can get lucky.

What do you say when you win mahjong?

SOMEBODY WINS That’s four groups and a pair: a complete hand. Immediately say, “Mah-Jongg!” Lie all your tiles down on the table, face-up. (If you use racks, place them on the top shelf of the rack.)

What do you yell in mahjong?

To win mahjong a player must form four sets and one pair. When you know you have a winning hand, you can shout ‘mahjong! ‘

How do you win mahjong?

  1. Always have a clear plan. Think carefully about which tiles you choose to pick up and which ones you don’t.
  2. Be flexible with your strategies. If the game changes direction be prepared to abandon your plan and change your tactics.
  3. Don’t grab the first discard.
  4. Keep a pair and sit with them.
  5. Avoid having gaps in your tiles.

Is Mahjong difficult to learn?

And, although Mah Jongg is a difficult game to learn and master, avid players say, you can excel in the game. “It is not the easiest game, but you can learn it,” Link added. “You don’t learn it in one sitting. It’s something you learn and build on what you learn.”

What is the secret to Mahjong?

Keep an eye on similar tiles on top of each other Whenever it is possible to identify two similar tiles on top of each other, solving them should become a priority. Otherwise, these may lead to an unsolvable puzzle. If those two tiles are the only ones left out of their symbol/suit to be matched, the game will be lost.