Where can I find good guns in GTA San Andreas?

Where can I find good guns in GTA San Andreas?

GTA San Andreas best melee weapon – Katana

  • Chinatown in San Fierro: Behind the Chinatown safehouse.
  • El Corona in Los Santos: East of El Corona 24/7, behind a wooden fence.
  • Pirates in Men’s Pants, Los Venturas: Southern part of the ship in the lagoon.
  • Hashbury in San Fierro: In the tunnel behind Hippy Shopper.

Can you take over all gang territories in GTA San Andreas?

Taking over all of the other gangs’ turf in Los Santos will mean that the Grove Street Families have completely taken over Los Santos; the player’s territories will no longer be attacked….Taking Over Enemy Territory.

Gang Color
Los Santos Vagos Yellow

How do you take over Ballas territory?

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas: 8 Tips For Taking Over Gang…

  1. Increase Maximum Health By Doing The Paramedic Missions.
  2. Do The Vigilante Missions To Increase Your Maximum Armor.
  3. Don’t Do Them At The Beginning Of The Game.
  4. The Best Loadout.
  5. Recruit Other Gang Members.
  6. Use Cars As Cover.
  7. Save Often And Reload If You Die.

How do you survive a gang war in GTA San Andreas?

GTA San Andreas: 10 Tips To Deal With Gang Wars

  1. 9 Recruit Some Gang Members To Make Things Easier.
  2. 8 Run Around For Health And Armor Pickups During A Gang War.
  3. 7 Place Remote Explosives To Catch Enemies Off-Guard.
  4. 6 Head To Fast Food Restaurants During A Gang War To Quickly Get Health.

How do you get a katana in GTA San Andreas?

Go to Chinatown in San Fierro south of the property and you’ll find an alleyway. Follow it all the way down and you’ll find the katana. North of the clothing store in Hashbury in San Fierro you’ll see a blue building. It has a stairway going down, follow it and you’ll see the katana.

What gang is Franklin in?

The Forum Drive Families, more commonly referred to as the “Forum Gangsters” are the secondary set of the Chamberlain Gangster Families and also the set of Lamar and Franklin.

What happens if you spray all the tags in GTA: San Andreas?

Upon completing all the gang tags, the player will receive certain rewards. These are: Molotov Cocktail, AK-47, Sawn-off Shotgun and TEC 9 delivered to the kitchen at the Johnson House; Grove Street gang members will start to carry Desert Eagles, SMGs and knives instead of the usual pistol and TEC 9.

What happens when you collect all oysters in GTA: San Andreas?

Collecting all 50 oysters grants the player a $100,000 reward, maximum lung capacity, and a perk where the player can begin dating new girlfriends regardless of the player character’s appearance or sex appeal.