Do Honda still make the Crosstourer?

Do Honda still make the Crosstourer?

Sadly, the VFR800F, VFR800X Crossrunner and VFR1200X Crosstourer were all dropped from Honda’s range with the introduction of Euro5 in 2021.

Is vfr1200 fast?

A VFR 1200 is a bike on which to go very fast for a long way. It’s so quick that you leave other traffic for dead. Revelling in the boundless torque, you can – with one contemptuous twist of throttle – so easily despatch churlish sports car drivers who delight in snapping at the heels of a performance bike.

How much does a VFR 1200 weigh?

Honda VFR 1200F

Make Model Honda VFR 1200F
Wheelbase 1545 mm / 60.8 in
Seat Height 815 mm / 31.9 in
Wet Weight 267 kg / 613 lbs
Fuel Capacity 18.5 Litres / 5.02 US gal

What years did Honda make the VFR1200X?

Shortly after its groundbreaking VFR1200F sport tourer was introduced for 2010, Honda launched an adventure-styled bike for 2012 based on the same smooth and powerful 1,237cc V-4 engine used in the VFR.

Why did Honda discontinue the vfr1200x?

There are several causes of the end of sale of these models such as new emission and noise regulations, reorganizing product lines, and so on.

Does the vfr1200x have cruise control?

Speedometer Correction is an optional extra available with the cruise control for this model. It can be purchased here. Cruise control installation is unchanged, this option requires a change in the way the cruise control wiring harness is made and enabling the function in the cruise control computer.

Does Honda still make the VFR800F?

The VFR800 was phased out after the 2009 model year in the United States, when Honda introduced the larger VFR1200F; but the VFR1200 was not a direct replacement for the VFR800; the true successor is the 2014 VFR800F (RC79).

How do I change the time on my vfr1200x?

Whilst holding down the FCD button turn ignition on. The hour should flash. Repeatedly press FCD to get the hour you want to display (if you hold it down hours whizz past). When you have the right hour press Total/Trip button, minutes should flash.

Does Honda still make VFR 1200?

The VFR1200F was discontinued in 2017, as it no longer complied to new emission standards and noise regulations.