How do you craft grandmaster?

How do you craft grandmaster?

Re: Grandmaster Crafter? You need to have achieved master artisan, then talk to pierce stanson for the quest. When you recieve this quest, you will automatically get the recipe.

Where do I get the ring of apotheosis recipe?

The Ring of Apotheosis needs to be crafted at the Equipment Crafting Station. If you need to buy the new Crafting Station, you can buy it from any of the Furniture Vendors in the Spiral. Afterwards, talk to Balthazar. He will give you the quest to craft two robes and direct you to Mooshu to buy a recipe.

Where is the crafting quest in Zafaria?

Zafaria Crafting Quest Guide

  • In Zafaria, the Legendary Crafter badge is probably the most sought after of all the crafting badges.
  • When you start questing in Zafaria Koyate Ghostmane is situated in Baobab Crossroads (the “Commons” area of Zafaria).

Where can I buy the Eagle War Shield?

In order to craft the Eagle War Shield, you will need one Potent Trap Treasure Card. This is a difficult Treasure Card to get, but Aztecan bosses have a chance at dropping this card. You can quest through Azteca and check your loot. Otherwise, pick bosses, like the Caiman, to farm.

Where is Duskwind tunic?

MooShu’s ancient burial grounds
The vendor for the Duskwind Tunic (death) Can be found in MooShu’s ancient burial grounds. Its the underground area near the 3 main teleports. Vendors name is Yao Fan. Requires 6 Banshee TCs, 14 Amethyst, 3 Crystal vials, 12 bronze gears, 15 frost flowers, 8 black pearls, and 20 stone blocks.

Why can I not craft seal of the Seraphim?

You can’t craft the Seal of Seraphim at the Basic Crafting table. It requires the Equipment Crafting Station. If youneed to buy the new Crafting Station, you can buy it from any of the Furniture Vendors in the Spiral (closest one: Zhi Lan in the furniture shop in Jade Palace).

Where can I buy a Raintree uniform?

MooShu Cave of Soltitude
The vendor for the Raintree Uniform (storm) Can be found in MooShu Cave of Soltitude. At the entrance to the underground cave that leads to Din Ho. Vendor’s name is Jiang Yuan. It requires 6 Storm Shark TCs, 14 Jade, 3 Crystal vials, 12 Leather straps, 15 Frost flowers, 8 Black pearls, and 20 Stone blocks.

How do you get Legion Shield?

Fight the Snow Skulls in Vestrilund. They drop the Legion Shield TC about 90% of the time. That’s how I got all mine. As you fight your way through Zafaria you will probably manage to come up with the full amount.

How do you get Grandmaster weapons?

The precise location is exactly in-between The Gran place and the Metinna Gate fast travel markers. Enter the building with the wooden door and speak to the man behind the counter. If you have the diagrams, and the necessary materials and funds, then he will craft all of the Grandmaster armour and weapons for you.