Is there such thing as 12K video?

Is there such thing as 12K video?

There are a whole host of resolutions filmmakers need to keep track of, and it’s only going to keep growing. With the newest camera from Blackmagic, the URSA Mini Pro 12K, you can shoot up to 12K files (that’s files that are 12288 x 6480, or 79,626,240 pixels per frame), or work in 8K, 6K, or even 4K.

What is 12K resolution?

12K resolution is 12288 x 6480 for a total of 79,626,240 pixels (equivalent to 80 MP). If we downsampled to 4K resolution we are reducing the number of pixels to 3840 x 2160 or 8,294,400 pixels (equivalent to 8 MP). That is bringing the number of pixels down 10x. The sampling ratio is 3 pixels to 1 or 3:1.

How big is a 12K video file?

Indeed, the less than a minute of 12K video created a file that was nearly 4 gigabytes in size. The company said the new sensor captures 10 times the pixels of a 4K image, and 40 times as many as an HD image.

Can you upload 12K video to YouTube?

As of publication, YouTube does not even support 12K videos.

What is 32K resolution?

The 32k camera uses two 16k/5 μm TDI arrays with ½ pixel o set. Two 16k/5 μm image data are captured and then reconstructed to achieve a super-resolution image of 32k/2.5 μm in real-time. This significantly enhances detectability for subpixel defects.

Does 32K exist?

The result of the stitch in Lightroom was an image with an insane amount of detail at close to 500 MP resolution. Sadly, it was not enough to make a real 32K image at that resolution, because I did not have enough vertical pixels for a proper 16:9 aspect ratio. At 30720 x 17280, or 531 MP, a 32K is no joke!

Is there 16K video?

16K Video Footage StormStock® is the world’s first footage source to offer 16K video for license. All 16K content is produced and photographed by Martin Lisius.

Can YouTube handle 16K?

You can upload in H. 265 which supports massive resolutions in excess of 8K. YouTube will play in up to 4K.