What are the main characters in Heart of Darkness?

What are the main characters in Heart of Darkness?

Character List

  • Marlow. The protagonist of Heart of Darkness.
  • Kurtz. The chief of the Inner Station and the object of Marlow’s quest.
  • General manager. The chief agent of the Company in its African territory, who runs the Central Station.
  • Brickmaker.
  • Chief accountant.
  • Pilgrims.
  • Cannibals.
  • Russian trader.

Is Conrad Marlow in Heart of Darkness?

On the most superficial level, Heart of Darkness can be understood through its semiautobiographical relationship to Conrad’s real life. Much like his protagonist Marlow, Conrad’s career as a merchant marine also took him up the Congo River.

Is Conrad a Marlow?

Marlow is an alter ego of Conrad; both are sailors for the British Empire during the late-19th and early-20th century during the height of British imperialism. Marlow narrates several of Conrad’s best-known works.

What is Conrad tone in Heart of Darkness?

Cynical, Stark, Poetic.

How does Conrad describe Africa?

Not only does he describe the actual, physical continent of Africa as “so hopeless and so dark, so impenetrable to human thought, so pitiless to human weakness” (Conrad 94), as though the continent could neither breed nor support any true human life, but he also manages to depict Africans as though they are not worthy …

How does Conrad depict African as different from European?

In Heart of Darkness, Conrad describes the Africans as savage, barbaric, ignorant, and at times, cannibalistic, while the Europeans are described as…

Is Marlow a girl or boy name?

Marlow as a boy’s name (also used as girl’s name Marlow), is pronounced MAR-loh. It is of Old English origin, and the meaning of Marlow is “driftwood”.

What is Marlow’s first name?

Charles Marlow is a fictional English seaman and recurring character in the work of novelist Joseph Conrad.

Who is the first person in Heart of Darkness?

Conrad wrote Heart of Darkness as a first-person narrative. Marlow, the protagonist, tells his own story from his own perspective. Thus, the reader experiences the story from Marlow’s point of view.