What does plumage meaning?

What does plumage meaning?

Definition of plumage : the feathers of a bird.

What is an example of plumage?

Plumage definition Plumage is defined as all of the feathers of a bird. A parrot’s feathers are an example of plumage. Feathers, either covering a bird or used ornamentally.

What is another word for plumage?

In this page you can discover 14 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for plumage, like: feather, down, plumaged, feathers, underparts, plume, grey-brown, colouration, upperparts, glaucous and blue-grey.

What is plumage of a bird?

plumage, collective feathered covering of a bird. It provides protection, insulation, and adornment and also helps streamline and soften body contours, reducing friction in air and water. Plumage of the newborn chick is downy, called neossoptile; that which follows is termed teleoptile.

What is meaning of plumage in a sentence?

a bird’s covering of feathers: Male peacocks have beautiful plumage.

How do birds change plumage?

Changing Plumages Regardless of a bird’s age or coloration, its feathers will eventually become damaged and worn, and it is necessary to grow new ones. The process of regrowing feathers is called molting, and birds in molt may have mottled plumage that shows characteristics of both their old and new plumages.

Do all birds have plumage?

All birds have feathers. Some birds have highly modified feathers to fit particular functions, such as the fancy feathers on a peacock’s tail.

What is the opposite of plumage?

Our site contains antonyms of plumage in 2 different contexts. We have listed all the opposite words for plumage alphabetically. individual. alone. characteristic.

How do you use plumage in a sentence?

Plumage sentence example

  1. Cuckoos are abundant, some of them of lovely plumage, also rollers, kingfishers and hornbills.
  2. Still it is brisk in its movements, and its variegated plumage makes it a pleasing bird.

What is the plumage of an animal?

Plumage (Latin: pluma “feather”) is a layer of feathers that cover a bird and the pattern, colour, and arrangement of those feathers. The pattern and colours of plumage differ between species and subspecies and may vary with age classes. Within species, there can be different colour morphs.

What is plumage on a chicken?

The chicken’s plumage is defined by the structure and colour of its feathers. Plumage colour is a feature used in modern poultry breeding to distinguish between breeds, strains and pure lines.

What is a bird without feathers called?

Rhea, the featherless bird, is an adopted lovebird with Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease (PBFD). The disease attacks the bird’s hair follicles, causing their feathers to fall off and keeps them from growing back.

What is bird skin called?

Avian integument
Avian integument is thin, elastic, and loosely attached to the body, giving birds the freedom of movement needed for flight. Its epidermis is both keratinized and lipogenic, and the skin as a whole acts as a sebaceous secretory organ.

Do all birds have breeding plumage?

At the heart of the Humphrey-Parkes system is the concept that all birds have a basic plumage, and many birds also have an alternate plumage. These are often (but not always) analogous to winter and summer plumages, respectively.

What are baby bird feathers called?

These wing feathers are totally or partly encased in thin sheaths; at this stage, they are called “pin feathers.” Because they are not full feathered, they cannot keep warm outside the nest. Nestlings are more mobile in the nest but are not yet able to stand, hop, or walk.

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What are bird lips called?

You can find both in the literature, and both words mean the same thing, but the correct term is “bill.” Ornithologists prefer this term, although no one knows exactly why. The scientific literature uses “bill,” while many non-scientific articles use both terms, but bill is correct.

What is a bird feathers called?

The long flight feathers are called primaries, the shorter flight feathers are called secondaries, and the small feathers that cover their bases are called coverts.

How does plumage protect the bird?

Like many other members of the animal kingdom, some birds have the natural ability to blend into their surroundings. This helps them stay hidden from predators or sneak up on potential prey. Waterproofing. Not only does their plumage keep them warm, but birds’ feathers also act as waterproof jackets in many cases!

What does plumage mean in biology?

Plumage (Latin: plūma “feather”) refers both to the layer of feathers that cover a bird and the pattern, colour, and arrangement of those feathers. The pattern and colours of plumage differ between species and subspecies, and may vary with age classes.

What does plumage mean in Italian?

Collins Italian Dictionary 1st Edition © HarperCollins Publishers 1995 plumage (ˈpluːmidʒ) noun the feathers of a bird or birds.

Examples of plumage in a Sentence. The peacock has colorful plumage. The former is larger and has a conspicuously longer bill, but both have striking checkered black and white plumage, and the male of each species has a red patch on its head.

What is an abnormal plumage?

Abnormal plumages include a variety of conditions. Albinism, total loss of colour, is rare, but partial loss of colours is more common. Some species are colour polymorphic, having two or more colour variants.