What tier is Nocturne?

What tier is Nocturne?


Tier B-
Win rate 50.6%
Pick rate 4.5%
Ban rate 4.9%

Is Nocturne a top lane?

Nocturne is a top lane monster.

Is Nocturne a good champion?

Nocturne is currently the strongest in the top lane, where he is fielding a win rate of a whopping 54.73%. This is the second-highest win rate in Platinum rank and higher, only beaten by Swain at 54.83% as a bot laner. Nocturne isn’t the most-picked champion in top but is winning a lot whenever he is picked.

Who counters Nocturne?

The Best Nocturne Counter Picks in League of Legends for patch 12.10, Ranked Boost recommends these picks due to their win condition and abilities.

  • D. Skarner. The Crystal Vanguard.
  • C. Shyvana. The Half-Dragon.
  • Master Yi. The Wuju Bladesman.

Is Nocturne a good SMT?

Even though Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne is almost two decades old, it’s still a worthwhile RPG. Many elements from the original still hold up today, and the 2021 version makes them even better thanks to the remaster’s additions.

When should I play Nocturne jungle?

Whenever your Ult is about to come back up, position yourself for a gank. When it’s down, farm. This cycle works well. We always recommend in our Nocturne guide to hit up the Razorback jungle camp whenever you can.

Is Nocturne easy league of legends?

Nocturne is easy to learn and doesn’t take hundreds of games to learn like some champions in the game.

Is Nocturne strong late game?

Strength in late game/teamfights – low/medium If you used those first few ults to get yourself some kills, you can easily transition this to a splitpush/cross-map playstyle to keep your snowball going. Notice, though, that you do not want to be team fighting with Nocturne, especially in the late game.

How do you lane against Nocturne?

Laning Against Nocturne Nocturne will try to get ahead early by ganking lanes that are immobile or are overextended. Try to track him in his jungle and counter gank lanes that are being ganked. If you cannot counter gank, try to gank a separate lane or steal his camps.

Is SMT Nocturne a masterpiece?

Shin Megami Tensei III is a dark masterpiece. Originally released on the PlayStation 2, this cel-shaded apocalypse-themed, hardcore JRPG was brutally challenging and also deeply intelligent, with one of the best soundtracks, art styles, and narratives of the genre.

How hard is SMT Nocturne Reddit?

Normal mode isn’t too difficult, though the game does assume that you will fuse demons and doesn’t really guide you through the best way to do things. Hard mode is very difficult and requires grinding between most stages of the game.