Where is the Thames river located?

Where is the Thames river located?

southern Ontario, Canada
Thames River, river in southern Ontario, Canada. The Thames is 160 miles (260 km) long. It rises north-northwest of Woodstock, in the uplands between Lakes Huron and Erie, and flows southwest past the towns of Woodstock, London, and Chatham to Lake Saint Clair.

Where is the source and mouth of the River Thames?

Its source is at Thames Head, near Kemble in the Cotswolds and its mouth is the Thames Estuary at Southend-on-Sea where it meets the North Sea. The main tributaries of the River Thames are: Lea (68 km)

Where is the mouth of the Thames estuary?

The transition between the Thames Estuary and the North Sea has been located at various notional boundaries, including: The Yantlet Line between the Crow Stone (London Stone) on the northern foreshore at Chalkwell, Westcliffe-on-Sea and another London Stone off the Isle of Grain, to the south.

Where is the mouth of the River Thames ks2?

Clarify: The River Thames is the second longest river in the UK flowing 346km. Its source is at the Thames Head, just north of the village of Kemble and south west of Cirencester in Gloucester. Its mouth is the Thames Estuary, at Southend in Essex.

Where does the River Thames begin?

Thames HeadRiver Thames / Source

Why is the Thames called the Thames?

It’s Named for the Fact that it’s So Dark The name Thames stems from the latin Tamesis, itself stemming from the old Celtic name for the river Tamesas, which is thought to have meant ‘dark’.

What is the mouth of the River Thames called?

North Sea
The Thames ( pronounced [temz]) is a river flowing through southern England, in its lower reaches flowing through London into the sea….2007 Schools Wikipedia Selection. Related subjects: Geography of Great Britain.

Origin Kemble
Mouth North Sea
Basin countries England
Length 346 km (215 mi)

Where does the Thames water come from?

80% of the water we supply to London and the Thames Valley comes from rivers, while the remaining 20% comes from our aquifers.

Where does the River Thames start and stop?

The Thames begins in Gloucestershire at Trewsbury Mead (near Cheltenham) and ends between Whitstable, Kent, and Foulness Point, Essex. The non-tidal Thames (the distance from the source of the river near Cheltenham, to Teddington in west London) measures 147 miles (237 km).

Where does the River Thames start and end?

Where does the Thames start and stop?

What is the mouth of the river Trent?

Trent Falls
River Trent/Mouths