Who is the most famous indie artists?

Who is the most famous indie artists?

popularity is the % of people who have a positive opinion of a alternative indie music artist. Find out more

  • 13 The Cranberries40%
  • 14 Imagine Dragons40%
  • 15 Soundgarden40%
  • 16 Counting Crows39%
  • 17 INXS39%
  • 18 Chris Daughtry38%
  • 19 Devo37%
  • 20 Dave Grohl35%

Who sings indie pop?

Best indie pop bands

  • Beat Happening. Often seen as one of the originators of the indie-pop sound, Beat Happening were an American three piece led by indie polymath Calvin Johnson.
  • The Field Mice.
  • Orange Juice.
  • The Pastels.
  • The Monochrome Set.
  • The Go Betweens.
  • The Wedding Present.
  • The Smiths.

Who made indie pop popular?

American indie pop band Beat Happening’s 1985 eponymous debut album was also influential in the development of the indie pop sound, particularly in North America. In the early 1990s, English indie pop influenced and branched off to a variety of styles.

What percent of K-pop fans are female?

Image by Author. As for gender, female respondents dominate the survey results with a total of 94.58%.

What percentage of Americans listen to K-pop?

K-pop popularity in the U.S. 2019 According to a survey conducted in the United States in 2019, around 29.4 percent of respondents stated that K-pop was very popular in their country. A further 30.8 percent reported that it was quite popular.

Which girl group has most fanboys?

Mamamoo, Blackpink, and Red Velvet are the three groups in which the majority of the fanbase is female….Groups with most male fans:

  • Fromis_9 – 70.2%
  • IZ*ONE – 65.5%
  • Everglow – 63.1%
  • Apink – 61.5%
  • WJSN – 60.7%

Which K-pop group has the most fangirls?

BTS is perhaps the most renowned Korean pop group, with admirers throughout the world, according to the Group of Arguments. It was created by Jin, Suga, J Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook and launched in 2013 underneath the Big Hit Entertainment label. BTS – BTS is the most well-known in the world.

Which K-pop female Idol is the best?

10 Most Beautiful K-Pop Female Idols

  • Tzuyu (TWICE)
  • Irene (Red Velvet)
  • Jisoo (Black Pink)
  • Dayul (DAONBIN, Rockit Girl)
  • Eunbi (IZONE)
  • Sana (TWICE)
  • Krystal (f(x))
  • Somi (Soloist, disbanded I.O.I.)