What is a Zen lens?

What is a Zen lens?

Zenlens Lenses are large diameter (over 16mm or 17mm) gas permeable scleral lenses. They are custom made lenses that vault over the cornea to rest on the sclera (the white part of your eyes), creating a smooth spherical refractive surface.

How long does a scleral lens last?

Patients can expect their scleral lenses to last about the same length as other rigid lenses, which is anywhere between 1 and 3 years. The longevity of your lenses depends on a few factors, like: If lenses are carefully handled and kept clean. If lenses remain properly-fitted, comfortable, and provide clear vision.

What is the cost of sclera lenses?

Including all appointments, these lenses cost $1200-2000, including fit and examinations, depending on their complexity. They provide a comfortable solution to vision correction not available in the past for more complicated conditions.

Are scleral lenses better than glasses?

In addition to causing vision problems, conditions that affect the shape of the cornea can also make it much more difficult to be fitted for traditional soft lenses and eyeglasses. Scleral lenses, which are more accurately fitted to the eye, may be a better choice for these patients to provide the best vision possible.

How do I clean my DMV plunger?

The plunger should be cleaned with alcohol or peroxide after each use and allowed to air dry. After insertion, the patient should use the mirror to inspect the eye for air bubbles that can cause discomfort and decrease vision if the air bubble is in front of the pupil.

Can you shower with scleral lenses?

Soak your lenses in Clear Care every night to clean and disinfect your scleral lenses. Do not wear your scleral lenses while you sleep. They can be worn in the shower, but should not be worn while swimming.

Are scleral lenses painful?

Do scleral lenses hurt? If they are fit correctly, they should not hurt. In fact, if your lens is fit appropriately, you’ll find you can keep your eyes open for much longer due to the fluid hydrating the tissue, you’ll never lose a staring contest again.

Are scleral contacts painful?

Custom designed scleral lenses help patients with sensitive eyes or corneal irregularities achieve dramatic improvements in visual acuity and comfort. Scleral lenses vault over the cornea and rest on the sclera instead. This creates a new optical surface and prevents discomfort by minimizing irritation to the cornea.

How do you remove scleral contacts without a plunger?

If you are not using a plunger, place fingers on your upper and lower eyelids next to your eyelashes. Break the seal by pushing your lower eyelid under the edge of the lens. The lens will pop out. Catch it with a towel.

Can scleral lens be stored dry?

Store unused scleral lenses dry for the long term If you intend to store a pair of scleral lenses for a while and not wear them, the most hygienic way to store them is dry inside a contact lens case. If you intend to wear them again, simply clean and soak them, ideally overnight, before wearing them.