How many messages can RabbitMQ handle per second?

How many messages can RabbitMQ handle per second?

The RabbitMQ message broker was deployed atop Google Compute Engine where it demonstrated the ability to receive and deliver more than one million messages per second (a sustained combined ingress/egress of over two million messages per second).

How can I increase my RabbitMQ message rate?

Part 2: RabbitMQ Best Practice for High Performance (High…

  1. Keep your queue short (if possible)
  2. Set a queue max-length if needed.
  3. Remove the policy for lazy queues.
  4. Use transient messages.
  5. Use multiple queues and consumers.
  6. Split your queues over different cores.
  7. Disable manual acks and publish confirms.

Why Kafka is faster than RabbitMQ?

RabbitMQ’s queues are fastest when they’re empty, while Kafka retains large amounts of data with very little overhead – Kafka is designed for holding and distributing large volumes of messages. (If you plan to have very long queues in RabbitMQ you could have a look at lazy queues.)

Is RabbitMQ at least once delivery?

Use of acknowledgements guarantees at least once delivery. Without acknowledgements, message loss is possible during publish and consume operations and only at most once delivery is guaranteed.

How many connections can RabbitMQ handle?

Below is the default TCP socket option configuration used by RabbitMQ: TCP connection backlog is limited to 128 connections.

What is queue length in RabbitMQ?

Define Max Queue Length Using a Policy The my-pol policy ensures that the one-meg queue contains no more than 1MiB of message data. When the 1MiB limit is reached, the oldest messages are discarded from the head of the queue.

How do you scale up RabbitMQ?

Assuming it is indeed parallel processing you’re after, then you should split the queue into multiple queues that will then be distributed (scaled out) in the cluster and increase throughput. You can also use rabbitmq-sharding which does a similar thing under the hood but is not necessarily more convenient (ref).

Does WhatsApp use RabbitMQ?

The RabbitMQ is built on Erlang general-purpose programming language and it is also used by WhatsApp for messaging.

Can Kafka replace RabbitMQ?

A message queue is a queue in RabbitMQ, and this “queue” in Kafka is referred to as a log, but to simplify the information in the article, I will refer to queues instead of switching to ‘log’ all the time….Real-time processing.

RabbitMQ Apache Kafka
Message Priority Supported Not supported

Is RabbitMQ fire and forget?

After all, your experience so far with RabbitMQ has been fire-and-forget.

What is the maximum size of message queue?

You can set the queue manager attribute value in the range 32768 bytes through 100 MB; you can set the queue attribute value in the range 0 through 100 MB.