What is the biggest catfish that has ever been caught?

What is the biggest catfish that has ever been caught?

The Mekong giant catfish is the official freshwater heavyweight champion of the world. According to the Guinness Book of Records, a nine-foot-long individual caught in northern Thailand in 2005 weighted an astounding 646 pounds, making it the largest exclusively freshwater fish ever recorded.

What is the biggest catfish ever caught in Kentucky?

Catfish Blue Catfish 106.9 lbs.
State Record Fishes and Awards

Blue Catfish 106.9 lbs. Glynn Grogan Arlington, KY
Bullhead Catfish 5 lbs., 8 ozs. Randy Kirk Maysville, KY
Channel Catfish 32 lbs. Kyle Estep South Point, Ohio

What is the biggest catfish ever caught on rod and reel?

The 131-pound fish “shattered” the previous rod and reel record of a 95-pound catfish, caught by Dakota Hinson in 2009.

What is the largest catfish ever caught in North America?

The blue catfish (Ictalurus furcatus) is the largest species of North American catfish, reaching a length of 165 cm (65 in) and a weight of 68 kg (150 lb). The typical length is about 25–46 in (64–117 cm)….

Blue catfish
Family: Ictaluridae
Genus: Ictalurus
Species: I. furcatus
Binomial name

What is the largest fish caught in the Ohio River?

Massive 95-pound catfish ‘by far the largest’ trophy fish caught by these Kentucky men. Michael Robinson and Terry Raymer have made an annual tradition of catching massive fish on the Ohio River, but their latest snag is a personal best.

Do catfish eat humans?

No, despite what you may have heard, there aren’t. This is a myth, along with age-old claims that giant anacondas or piranhas eat men. People, especially the Caboclos in Amazonia and natives of other parts of South America and in Asia, love to tell these blood-curdling stories!

What happens if you get barbed by a catfish?

Abstract. Catfish skin toxin and the venom from their dorsal and pectoral spines may cause a menacing sting. Although these stings are often innocuous, severe tissue necrosis may occur. The hand is the most common site of catfish stings.

How big is the world record flathead catfish?

“This monster came in at 51.5 inches long with a girth of 32.5 inches from the Missouri River in Union County. Ethan caught the flathead catfish at 5 a.m. using cutbait. Congratulations Ethan!” For the sake of comparison, the all-tackle world record for flathead catfish stands at 123 pounds.

What is record for catfish Ohio River?

106.9 pounds
They borrowed a scale from another angler to weigh the behemoth fish. The catfish is just 11 pounds shy of the state record of 106.9 pounds, caught by Glynn Grogan on the Ohio River in 2018.

What is the biggest catfish ever seen in the Ohio River?

Price’s big catfish tipped the scales at 67.22 pounds. The fish also set a new record for length at 50.7 inches. caught by Justin Goode in the Ohio River in 2021.

What to do when you get stuck by a catfish?

Catfish Sting Treatment

  1. Soaking the affected area in water as hot as is tolerable usually relieves pain from a sting.
  2. Spines should be removed with tweezers.
  3. The wound should be scrubbed and irrigated with fresh water.
  4. The wound should not be taped or sewn together.
  5. You may need a tetanus shot.

Do I have to go to the hospital for a catfish sting?

If you notice any swelling, redness, or tenderness, you should seek medical attention. If a catfish sting becomes infected, it can be treated with antibiotics. A doctor can also check to make sure that no foreign matter is trapped inside the wound.

Who has caught the biggest flathead?

Last week, Fisho’s Patrick Linehan landed a true trophy-size specimen, measuring 105cm. The fish was caught using a 200mm unweighted paddle tail soft plastic (8 inch Keitech Easy Shiner) while casting along the sandflats of the Camden Haven River.

Which state has the best catfishing?

10 Best States for Catfishing

  • Alabama tops the list of must-visit states for many big-cat aficionados.
  • Arkansas waters are stocked with millions of catfish annually by the state Game and Fish Commission (AGFC).
  • Illinois doesn’t get the attention it deserves as a top destination for catfishing.

Can a giant catfish eat a human?