What are 5 latest input devices?

What are 5 latest input devices?

Input devices include:

  • Mouse.
  • Keyboard.
  • Joystick.
  • Microphone.
  • Touchpad.
  • Light Pen.
  • Trackball.
  • Barcode Reader.

What are the latest input devices?

Joystick-Input System-Input Devices For Computer.

  • Light Pen-Input System-Input Devices For Computer.
  • Trackball-Input System-Input Devices For Computer.
  • Touch Screen-Input System-Input Devices For Computer.
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)-Input System-Input Devices For Computer.
  • Optical Mark Reader(OMR)
  • What are 3 commonly used input & output devices?

    Keyboards, mouse, scanners, etc are some of the input devices while printers, monitors, headphones, etc are some of the output devices. Another important element of a hardware system is computer memory.

    What are the 3 output devices?

    Output devices

    • Monitor – The main output device of a computer.
    • Printer – Used to print information on paper.
    • Speaker – Converts digital signals into audible sound waves.
    • Projector – A device that is used to project video output from the computer onto a wall or screen.

    What are latest output devices?

    Latest Output Device Of Computer:2021

    • Output device of computer.
    • CRT Monitor.
    • LCD Monitor.
    • LED Monitor.
    • TFT Monitor.
    • Flatbed Plotter.
    • Electrostatic Plotter.

    What are some example of the latest input and output devices of a computer?

    For example keyboard, mouse, etc. Output Device Definition: A piece of equipment/hardware which gives out the result of the entered input, once it is processed (i.e. converts data from machine language to a human-understandable language), is called an output device. For example printer, monitor, etc.

    What are the 5 output devices?

    Examples include monitors, printers, speakers, headphones, projectors, GPS devices, optical mark readers, and braille readers.

    Is headphones input or output?

    output device
    Sometimes referred to as earphones, headphones are a hardware output device that plug into a computer line out or speakers port.

    What are the most used input and output devices?

    Keyboard and mouse are the most commonly used input devices. Microphone gives sound or voice input to the computer. Output devices are used to display the result or information on the computer. Monitor and the printer are the commonly used output devices.

    What is an output device give 3 examples?