What is aggregated advertising?

What is aggregated advertising?

Audience aggregation eliminates the content and timing restrictions of traditional TV advertising by dividing the delivery process into two steps: Network spots are designated to receive addressable advertising. The specific advertisement displayed is personalized for each device.

What is an example of aggregation process?

Examples of aggregate data include the following: Voter turnout by state or county. Individual voter records are not presented, just the vote totals by candidate for the specific region. Average age of customer by product.

What is an example of aggregated data?

For example, information about whether individual students graduated from high school can be aggregated—that is, compiled and summarized—into a single graduation rate for a graduating class or school, and annual school graduation rates can then be aggregated into graduation rates for districts, states, and countries.

What is aggregate marketing data?

Data aggregation is the process of bringing all your marketing data together — especially cost data — in one place where it can be conveniently analyzed.

What is aggregation process?

Aggregation is the process of combining things. That is, putting those things together so that we can refer to them collectively. As an example, think about the phone numbers on your cell phone. You can refer to them individually – your mother’s number, your best friend’s number, etc.

What is data aggregation technique?

Data aggregation is a technique that enables organizations to achieve specific business objectives or do process/human analysis at practically any scale by searching, gathering, and presenting data in a summarised, report-based format.

What is aggregation method?

The gas aggregation method, in which a solid or liquid is evaporated into a carrier gas and the atoms and molecules are forming clusters, is one of the simplest approaches [84,85].

What does aggregation mean in business?

What Is Aggregation? Aggregation in the futures markets is a process that combines of all futures positions owned or controlled by a single trader or group of traders into one aggregate position.

What is the purpose of aggregation?

Aggregate functions deliver a single number to represent a larger data set. The numbers being used may themselves be products of aggregate functions. Many descriptive statistics are the result of aggregate functions. Economists use the outputs of data aggregation to plot changes over time and project future trends.

What is aggregation in business communication?

To recap, aggregation is the process of grouping things together. We use aggregation to refer to a group of items as a whole, and to individual items as part of the whole.

What are different types of aggregation?

Aggregation Types

Aggregation Type Valid Data Types Recommended Spread Types
recalc numeric, string, date, Boolean none
ambig numeric, string, date, Boolean none
ambig_pop numeric, string, date, Boolean none
popcount numeric, string none