What is the Marmot Review summary?

What is the Marmot Review summary?

The Marmot Review looks at the differences in health and well-being between social groups and describes how the social gradient on health inequalities is reflected in the social gradient on educational attainment, employment, income, quality of neighbourhood and so on.

What were the key findings of the Marmot Review 2010?

The report highlights that: people can expect to spend more of their lives in poor health. improvements to life expectancy have stalled, and declined for the poorest 10% of women. the health gap has grown between wealthy and deprived areas.

How do you reference the Marmot review 10 years?

Health equity in England: the Marmot review 10 years on. London; 2020. http://www.instituteofhealthequity.org/the-marmot-review-10-years-on. Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

What did the Marmot review lead to?

The findings of the Marmot Review and subsequent work have contributed to England’s health policy and practice. Health inequalities are at the centre of the new health system in England, as outlined in the government’s 2010 White Paper, Healthy Lives, Healthy People: Our strategy for public health in England.

What are two of the recommendations from the Marmot Review 2010?

Give every child the best start in life. Enable all children, young people and adults to maximise their capabilities and have control over their lives. Create fair employment and good work for all. Ensure healthy standard of living for all.

What is a healthy society?

A healthy society is about more than just preventing injuries and reducing the death toll from disease. It is also about having access to safe neighborhoods and affordable housing, broadening job opportunities and reducing income inequality, designing walkable towns and fostering community cohesion.

What does the Marmot review focus on?

The Marmot Review into health inequalities in England was published in February 2010. It addresses the social conditions in which people are born, grow, live, work, and age. It set out a strategy to address those health inequalities associated with such social conditions.

Was the Marmot review successful?

Ten years since the publication of The Marmot Review, for the first time in more than 100 years life expectancy has failed to increase across the country, and for the poorest 10% of women it has actually declined.

What are marmots social determinants of health?

Factors such as income, education, conditions of employment, power and social support act to strengthen or undermine the health of individuals and communities. Because of their potent and underlying effects, these health-determining factors are known as the ‘social determinants of health’ (Wilkinson & Marmot 2003).

What is the importance of healthy society?

How can we make our society healthy?

We should focus on keeping people healthy not just treating the sick. Access to jobs, safe housing, clean water, food, education and transport are key to health.

Was the Marmot report successful?