Where is Matiu Walters from?

Where is Matiu Walters from?

Dunedin, New Zealand
The band consists of Matiu Walters (lead vocals, guitar), Ji Fraser (lead guitar), Chris Mac (bass guitar), Marlon Gerbes (synthesiser), Hoani Matenga (bass guitar) and Eli Paewai (drums)….

Origin Dunedin, New Zealand
Genres Soul electronica drum and bass pop rock R&B
Years active 2008–present
Labels Epic Massive

Does Matiu Walters have a degree?

Walters, who graduated with a law degree, agrees with the observation he and his band-mates could be regarded as gate-crashers in a wider sense. ”I don’t think I have anything in common with fellow musicians.

Who is Matiu Walters married to?

Six60 frontman Matiu Walters and fiancée Caren Freeman have announced they have welcomed their first child, Boh Ātaahua Freeman Walters. “Last week, with help from an amazing team, Caren gave birth to our beautiful baby girl!” the musician wrote on Instagram .

Who is Niko Walters father?

Bunny Te Kokiri Miha Waahi Walters (31 May 1953 – 14 December 2016) was a New Zealand singer who had a number of New Zealand hits during the 1970s.

Who is Matiu Walters grandfather?

Muru Walters
Matiu’s grandfather, Muru Walters He was a Māori All Black captain, he became a bishop, and he’s a composer, an artist, responsible for the Māori art renaissance during the 1960s, so he’s such a creative and accomplished man with so much mana.”

Where is Eli paewai from?

Paewai, who was raised in Dannevirke, said: “We spent a bit of time with the music students and tried to give them some helpful advice and direction as they start their own musical journey.” They also spent some time catching up with some of the teachers that were there when they were there as students.

Where did Ji Fraser go to school?

Wainui Beach School
Ji Fraser was raised just north of Gisborne on his parent’s farm near Whangara but was schooled in town at Wainui Beach School and Ilminster Intermediate.

How many kids does Matiu Walters have?

Six60 frontman Matiu Walters and fiancée Caren Freeman announce birth of their daughter. Six60 vocalist Matiu Walters and his partner have announced the safe arrival of their baby girl.

Is Niko Walters related to Matiu Walters?

Introducing New Zealand’s newest singer-songwriter and one to watch… Niko Walters! Music runs in the family for Niko, being the younger brother of Matiu Walters, lead singer of NZ’s biggest band SIX60. The Kiwi lad has been quietly waiting in the wings for his moment to share his music with the world.

Where did Matiu Walters live?

The manu tioriori, lead singer Matiu Walters, is from Te Kao, Ahipara and Kawakawa. “I’m Te Rarawa, Te Aupouri, Ngāpuhi hard. But I was born and raised in Mt Eden central Auckland so my roots are between both.”

Where did Ji Fraser grow up?


Who is the drummer in SIX60?

Eli PaewaiSix60 / Drummer

Spilling the tea: Six60 drummer Eli Paewai reveals you’ve been using your teabag wrong – NZ Herald.