Why did Virgin Galactic explode?

Why did Virgin Galactic explode?

The engine did not have enough power to lift six passengers into space, so Virgin Galactic switched to a new nylon-based fuel, the Journal reported. At a test of the new fuel earlier in 2013, “an explosion all but obliterated the test stand”, according to the Journal’s sources.

What caused the Virgin Galactic crash in 2014?

Virgin Galactic crash: co-pilot unlocked braking system too early, inquiry finds. The violent crash of Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo was caused by a combination of human error and inadequate safety procedures, a nine-month investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board has found.

Who died on Virgin Galactic?

Alsbury died Oct. 31, 2014, while co-piloting Virgin Galactic’s experimental SpaceShipTwo, which engineers hoped could take space tourists on suborbital trips. Alsbury was a test pilot for Scaled Composites, the company that designed and built the rocket-powered space plane.

What happened with the Virgin Galactic crash?

The test flight on Oct. 31, 2014, was run by Scaled Composites, on behalf of Virgin Galactic. Announcing the results of its inquiry into the accident Tuesday, the NTSB said that human error, on the part of co-pilot Michael Alsbury, 39, led to the craft breaking apart.

How did Peter Siebold survive?

Siebold survived the SpaceShipTwo crash because his seat was ejected from the vehicle as the spacecraft broke apart. He was then able to unbuckle from the seat, allowing his parachute to deploy automatically, NTSB investigators have said.

Where is Peter Siebold now?

He has been a design engineer at Scaled Composites since 1996. Siebold holds a degree in aerospace engineering from California Polytechnic University at San Luis Obispo, from 2001. Siebold was responsible for the simulator, navigation system, and ground control system for the SpaceShipOne project at Scaled.

How did Virgin Galactic pilot survive?

He went into the free-fall position, spreading his arms and legs. Somewhere between 10,000 and 20,000 feet, his parachute deployed automatically. He said the sudden jolt surprised him, as if waking him from sleep. No longer free-falling, his mind began allowing him to absorb more information.

What happened to the Virgin Galactic Spaceship 2?

The Federal Aviation Administration says Virgin Galactic won’t be making another trip to the edge of space, for now. The agency says the company’s VSS Unity rocket plane veered out of its designated airspace as it glided back down to Earth for a landing at Spaceport America in New Mexico on July 11.