How do you get commentary on UFC 4?

How do you get commentary on UFC 4?

It is in in-game audio settings thing. Go into Audio Settings and pick the “Custome” set up. Then spin the wheel so it’s in between Broadcast Mix and Party Mix. This way your Commentary Audio Level should be set at 100.

Does UFC 4 have commentary?

The new commentary team for EA Sports UFC 4 will consist of UFC’s Jon Anik and former light heavyweight and heavyweight champion Daniel “DC” Cormier. Cormier is ranked #1 in the UFC heavyweight rankings, and will take on the role for the first time in the game series.

Is EA making another UFC game?

Two of the series’ titles have launched in the spring and two in the summer, with the most recent hitting shelves on August 2020. With a two-year release pattern evident, Summer 2022 could be when we see the series return. RealSport101 have also reported that UFC 5 is already in development, but didn’t credit a source.

Is career mode in UFC 4 offline?

Even though Career Mode is an offline feature, players won’t be alone. From the very onset of your MMA career, Coach Davis will be there to help you along the path.

Can t hear the commentary in ufc 4?

The most likely cause to missing dialogue in a game is the 5.1 audio settings. On certain sound systems, having the sound set to 5.1 surround sound while only using 2 speakers will result in missing dialogue since dialogue or audio commentary (general voices) usually comes through the centre speaker.

How do you change the commentary language in UFC 4?

Go to Start > Settings > Time & language > Region & language. Choose one of your languages and then select Options.

Why isn’t Joe Rogan commentating UFC?

Rogan decided he won’t travel abroad for UFC events anymore. Also, he isn’t commentating on Fight Night events for quite some time, meaning the only events he is still working on are US-based PPV events.

Who does the commentary on UFC 4?

Joe Rogan replaced by Daniel Cormier in EA UFC 4 as he hates’ doing commentary for video games. JOE ROGAN was replaced by Daniel Cormier for UFC 4 due to his hatred for doing commentary on video games.

Will UFC 4 Get a Next Gen upgrade?

UFC 5 Confirmed Info One good detail to note is that EA previously stated that UFC 4 and NHL 21 will run as they do on the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro and not receive next-gen upgrades.

How long is career mode UFC 4?


Single-Player Polled Average
Main Story 10 15h 14m
Main + Extras 5 22h 05m
Completionists 3 34h 40m
All PlayStyles 18 20h 22m