How do you make a simple wind chime?

How do you make a simple wind chime?

Save your plastic bottle tops to make DIY wind chimes! Caps from water and soft drink bottles work well, especially if they’re brightly colored. This cheerful, easy project is great to do with kids. Just make strings of bottle caps and attach them to a simple tree branch.

How do you make easy wind chimes for kids?

This is such an easy way to add some charm to a corner of a deck or patio. Make a charming, natural wind chime by stringing pinecones from a branch. Turn a couple of water bottles into a whirligig that bounces and spins in the wind.

How do you make a wind chime out of paper cups?


  1. 1Create the top. Recycle a used paper cup or empty yoghurt cup to make the top of your wind chimes.
  2. 2Punch holes. Punch 4 or more evenly-spaced holes around the cup’s mouth.
  3. 3Paint the cup.
  4. 4Decorate the cup.
  5. 5Cut strings.
  6. 6Attach the jingle bells.
  7. 7Cut drinking straws.
  8. 8String beads and straws.

What is the best material to make wind chimes?

One of the best parts of DIY wind chimes is that almost any material can work, though metal and wood are typically the most preferred. Of the metals, Brass is the most prized because of its sound and timbre. This is the same reason why brass is typically used in musical instruments.

What can I use to make a wind chime?

Examples of items you can use as chimes:

  1. Pieces of metal pipe (sound like traditional wind chimes)
  2. Pieces of plastic pipe (a soothing clacking sound)
  3. Bamboo sticks (lovely clunking noise)
  4. Old tiles or old broken bits of tile or pottery (these can make a very pretty clacking sound)
  5. Seashells.
  6. Pieces of heavy glass.

What can I use for wind chimes?

What is the best cord for wind chimes?

The Paracord string is made from nylon and has a tensile strength of 90 pounds. The package includes one spool of 1.18 mm thick string. As for the length, you can choose from many options ranging from 3 to 300 yards. Overall, the nylon string is incredibly durable and will perform excellently as a wind chime cord.

What material is used in wind chime?

Many wind chimes are made from metals, such as aluminum and copper, and wood. Many other materials can also be used to make wind chimes with unique sounds, including glass, bamboo, seashells, and pieces of pottery.

How do you make wind chimes with spoons and forks?

Here’s How I Made It

  1. Step 1 – Glue Lid Onto Sugar Bowl.
  2. Step 2 – Drilling Holes In Small Plate.
  3. Step 3 – Drilling Holes In Flatware.
  4. Step 4 – Adding Typography On Small Plate.
  5. Step 5 – Hanging Flatware Onto Dessert Plate.
  6. Step 6 – Glue Plate Onto Sugar Bowl.
  7. Step 7 – Attaching Wind Chime Hanger.

How do you make a wind chime out of a plastic bottle?

Make three dots for holes near the neck of the bottle with the permanent marker. Space the dots an equal distance apart around the neck of the bottle. Tap a nail into the drink bottle with the hammer at the three dots to make holes for hanging the wind chime.