What is Marimekko fabric?

What is Marimekko fabric?

With roots as a textile company, Marimekko is a pioneer in printing fabrics. Still printed in Finland with environmentally safe methods, Marimekko fabric offers limitless ways to incorporate the iconic patterns into your home or wardrobe.

Is Marimekko a designer brand?


Logo since 1954
Type Julkinen osakeyhtiö (public company)
Area served Worldwide
Key people Tiina Alahuhta-Kasko (CEO) Mika Ihamuotila (Chairman) Maija Isola (Designer) Vuokko Nurmesniemi (Designer)
Revenue €102.3 million (2017)

Where is Marimekko made?

The Marimekko textile printing factory in Helsinki, which serves not only as our production facility but also very much as our creative hub, offers us unique opportunities to actively participate in research and development projects taking the textile industry towards a more sustainable future.

Is Marimekko a Scandinavian?

Marimekko is one of the founders of finnish and scandinavian design. More than a brand or a style, Marimekko, founded in 1951, is a state of mind, a way of living, based on love for the everyday life, creativity and freedom of mind.

What materials does Marimekko use?

Most products produced by Marimekko are made of cotton. In 2013 Marimekko became the first Finnish brand to join the international Better Cotton Initiative (BCI). An organization whose goal is to improve cotton production for workers and the environment.

How wide is Marimekko fabric?

About our fabrics Our fabrics are 54 to 56 inches wide. The length of pattern repeat is mentioned in the product details of the fabric.

Why is Marimekko so popular?

With the help of designers Riitta Immonen and Maija Isola, the first fashion show was held in 1951 and was an instant success. Customers were hugely impressed by the clean cuts, pleasing patterns, and bright colours, and so the Marimekko company was formed and the first store opened in Helsinki.

What does Marimekko stand for?

little dress for Mary
The name Marimekko, which translated means “little dress for Mary,” comes from two words: mekko meaning a peasant woman’s simple dress and Mari, the Finnish form of Mary or Maria, which is the eternal name for the eternal woman.

Is Marimekko ethical?

Overall rating: It’s a start Marimekko’s environment rating is ‘not good enough’. It is a member of the Better Cotton Initiative. It uses few eco-friendly materials. It has set an absolute target to reduce greenhouse gases in its own operations by 20% but it has not set a supply chain target.

Who manufactures Marimekko?

Who manufactures Marimekko products? Marimekko’s interior fabrics, kitchen textiles, as well as many of the fabrics used in our garments and bags, are printed in Marimekko’s own textile printing factory in Helsinki.

Is Marimekko mid century modern?

For many, Marimekko is more than just a textile company. They are an arbiter of modern trends and an icon of 1960s fashion. Their modern designs also happen to look fantastic when paired with mid-century modern furniture.

Who is the owner of Marimekko?

Mika Ihamuotila
Mika Ihamuotila becomes the majority owner of Marimekko. As of February 2008, he is also the company’s President and CEO.