What is sling filter?

What is sling filter?

Sling filters are basically OSGi services which are implementing javax.servlet.Filter interface. They are mostly used for authentication of request, post processing of markup or adding/modifying some request parameters etc.

What is sling servlet in AEM?

Sling Servlet A Servlet is a class used to extend the capabilities of servers that host applications accessed by means of a request-response programming model. For such applications, Servlet technology defines HTTP-specific servlet classes.

What is filter AEM?

Filters are pieces of java code that run on every request made to AEM. A filter will run for EVERY call to aem, this includes images/css/js/json calls and is not bound to a specific application. Avoid long processing in a filter or the request may timeout. Filters run on both the author and publishers.

What is Sling API in AEM?

Sling APIs Apache Sling is the RESTful web framework that underpins AEM. Sling provides HTTP request routing, models JCR nodes as resources, provides security context, and much more.

What is Sling framework?

Apache Sling is an open source Web framework for the Java platform designed to create content-centric applications on top of a JSR-170-compliant (a.k.a. JCR) content repository such as Apache Jackrabbit.

How do you search in AEM?

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What is the difference between Sling API and JCR API in AEM?

Rule of Thumb: If you want access to your AEM repository from within the AEM application use Sling APIs over JCR APIs they are: higher APIs than JCR (have a lot of predefined methods to do a lot of work) provide access to all the Global Context objects inside the controller. very easy to use.

What is the difference between JCR API and Sling API?

While on pure JCR you only work with raw repository structures (nodes and properties), the Sling resource abstraction offers you easier handling (no need to deal with the repository exceptions any more) and much more options to interact with you business objects and services.

Is Sling content centric?

What is sling API in AEM?

What are sling models?

Sling Models are “pure” POJOs which maps Sling objects (resources, request objects etc.). Since Sling Models are annotation-driven Plain Old Java Objects (POJOs), annotations are used a lot. They allow you to map resource properties, assign default values, inject OSGi services and much more.

What is the use of @inject in AEM?

@Inject: This annotation is used to inject a property, resource, request anything. This is a generic annotation, which traverses all the sling model injectors based on service ranking.