What was the worst tornado in Massachusetts?

What was the worst tornado in Massachusetts?

The 1953 Worcester tornado
The 1953 Worcester tornado was an extremely powerful tornado that struck the city of Worcester, Massachusetts and surrounding areas on Tuesday, June 9, 1953….1953 Worcester tornado.

F4 tornado
Areas affected Worcester County in Massachusetts, principally in and near Worcester, Shrewsbury, Southborough, and Westborough

What happened to the Worcester Tornadoes?

The Worcester Tornadoes were named after the destructive tornado that hit Worcester on June 9, 1953….

Worcester Tornadoes
Location Worcester, Massachusetts
Ballpark Hanover Insurance Park at Fitton Field
Year founded 2005
Year disbanded 2012

In what year did an F 4 tornado pass through Worcester County including the town of Holden?

On June 9, 1953, an F-4 tornado touched down in Petersham at about 4:25 p.m. then tore through Rutland, Holden, north Worcester, Shrewsbury, Westboro and Southboro before retreating into the sky about an hour and a half later. The storm killed 94 people – including 62 in Worcester – and injured nearly 1,300.

Has there ever been a tornado in Massachusetts?

June 9, 1953: The 1953 Worcester tornado killed 94 people as it damaged or destroyed thousands of homes in central Massachusetts, including the city of Worcester. August 28, 1973: A tornado touched down near Canaan, New York, and moved into western Massachusetts.

When was the last major tornado in Massachusetts?

Remembering Mass. deadly 2011 tornadoes in pictures. On June 1, 2011, a powerful storm system moved across the state spurring a series of deadly and destructive tornadoes. The system created six tornadoes, including one that tore a 39-mile path of destruction that stretched from West Springfield to Charlton.

When was the last tornado in Massachusetts?

On June 1, 2011, a powerful tornado carved a path of destruction through western Massachusetts. Winds of up to 165 mph destroyed hundreds of homes, injured 200 people, and left three people dead.

How many people died in the Worcester tornado?

94 people
Today, 9 June , marks the anniversary of a tragic day in the history of Worcester, Mass. and the surrounding areas. On this day 68 years ago, a catastrophic tornado swept across the county, causing massive damage and killing 94 people.

What year was Worcester tornado?

June 9, 19531953 Worcester tornado / Start date

When did the Worcester tornado happen?

Where is Tornado Alley in Massachusetts?

Although tornadoes are a rare occurrence in Massachusetts, the state has had a number of deadly tornadoes throughout history with Worcester County claiming the title of “Massachusetts’ tornado alley” with 42 tornadoes recorded since 1950.