Why did Bella and Jacob kiss in Eclipse?

Why did Bella and Jacob kiss in Eclipse?

Bella kissed him to make sure she doesn’t love him as anything more than a friend or brother, which some might see as her playing with Jacob’s feelings, but other fans have interpreted it the other way around.

Did Bella kiss Jacob in Twilight?

Bella and Jacob officially kiss. He forces a kiss on her, which Bella is outraged by and punches him for it, but breaks her hand instead. They soon make up however, though Jacob continues to fight for her, a bit more carefully this time. He makes her a bracelet for a graduation present, much to her pleasure.

Why can’t Edward Cullen kiss Bella?

With Twilight, Edward and Bella aren’t really the most physically affectionate couple. That’s not because they don’t want to be, but because Edward is very cautious about hurting Bella, and often doesn’t kiss her or holds her at arm’s length — literally — for her safety.

Was Edward Bella’s first kiss?

In the book, their first kiss is next to Bella’s truck after they leave the meadow. In the movie, Edward and Bella’s first kiss is in Bella’s room. In the book, Jacob tells Bella all the legends of his tribe and she learns from him that Edward and his family are vampires.

How did Bella feel about kissing Jacob?

At first, Bella is unresponsive to Jacob’s hard kiss, but she soon finds kissing Jacob back and enjoying it. Part of her wants to stop him, but another part of her is realizing that she likes the way he feels and the way he is kissing her.

Why can’t Edward kiss Bella Twilight?

Why is Bella attracted to Edward?

Bella loved both men in different ways. Her love for Edward was based off physical attraction, an unhealthy obsession, and a desire to be young and beautiful forever. She was always worried he was going to leave her and she never felt good enough for him. He controlled her life and made the decisions for them.

Does Bella love Jacob in Eclipse?

Next, Bella does not fall in love with Jacob in Eclipse. Bella falls in love with Jacob in New Moon. I think it’s easy to understand why this fact doesn’t occur to her.