How do I call Jollibee Delivery?

How do I call Jollibee Delivery?

Ordering from Jollibee has never been easier! Call #87000, Click Order Online to go to or tap the Jollibee app. Satisfy your cravings and have your Jollibee favorites delivered right to your doorstep!

How can I send Jollibee to Philippines?

1. How do I send a Jollibee Padala Package?

  1. Visit any PNB Overseas Branch or Office.
  2. Choose a PNB-Jollibee Meal Package you want to send to your beneficiary.
  3. Fill-out Remittance Application Form and indicate the following information:
  4. Pay your chosen meal package plus the necessary services fees.

Is there a Jollibee Delivery app?

Download the Jollibee App Welcome to the Jollibee App for United States and Canada. Order your favorite Jollibee dishes for dine-in, take out or delivery!

How do I order Jollibee from landline?

Through the partnership, Globe users can call the Jollibee deliver service by dialing #87000. Before this, the Jollibee delivery hotline was only free using landline phones or through its website.

How can I call Jollibee by mobile?

Globe subscribers can now call Jollibee’s delivery hotline #87000 for free through their mobile phones. The service will also come to Burger King, Greenwich, Mang Inasal, and Chowking.

Can you order Jollibee from US to Philippines?

Yes, Jollibee delivery is offered at all of our United States and Canada locations. Order on or download our mobile app.

How can I send food to the Philippines?


  1. GrabFood & GrabMart.
  2. LalaFood & LalaMove.
  3. MetroMart.
  4. FoodPanda.
  5. Angkas.
  6. ManganPH.
  7. OrderMo.
  8. LazMart.

How do I pay Jollibee online delivery?

You can pay by any of the following methods: Cash upon delivery. Cashless mode of payment on-site (credit card and/or debit card), subject to the condition that onsite credit card payment may not be available 24 hours. Cashless payment on-site will involve a redirection to a third-party payment gateway.

How much is the delivery fee in Jollibee app?

a 10%
Payment can be made in cash upon delivery or via PesoPay’s online portal. For delivery fees, your order will automatically incur a 10% inclusive delivery charge.

How much is the shipping fee in Jollibee?

And all along, we NEVER knew that they’ve been incorporating the 10 percent delivery fee in all our orders since last year! So our contentions right now are: 1. Unlike McDonald’s, Jollibee sure did a very poor job in informing the public of this 10 percent delivery fee.

Can you call 87000 in cellphone?

MANILA, Philippines – Globe Telecom and Jollibee Foods Corporation (JFC) teamed up to expand the fast food giant’s IT and delivery services. The agreement, announced on Monday, October 2, means that Globe customers will now be able to call Jollibee’s delivery hotline #87000 for free through their mobile phones.