Where is the best view in PNC Park?

Where is the best view in PNC Park?

Section 316, Row K, Seat 22 The upper section behind home plate offers the most complete vantage point for the game in progress; from here, you can easily see everything from the direction of a pitch to the positioning of the outfielders.

What is the grandstand at PNC Park?

The Pittsburgh Pirates Outfield Grandstand includes sections on the 300 level that stretch from halfway down the outfield foul lines into each outfield corner.

Where are the best seats at PNC Park?

Pittsburgh Pirates Best Seats The best seats for a Pittsburgh Pirates game at PNC Park are located in the sections behind the plate and surrounding the infield, in sections 9-24 and 109-124. If these sections are a bit out of your price range, the seats near the foul poles are also a nice option.

What seats are undercover at PNC Park?

As a general rule, the seats in the shade at PNC Park are located:

  • On the 1st base side of the park.
  • Father back in one of those sections under an overhang.
  • In the back rows of the 300-level under the roof.

What is the skull bar at PNC Park?

The Miller Lite Skull Bar is an outdoor location that offers panoramic views of both the Pirates playing field and the City of Pittsburgh.

Is PNC Park turf or grass?

The playing surface of PNC Park is Tuckahoe Bluegrass, which is a mixture of various types of Kentucky Bluegrass. Installed before the 2009 season, the grass surface was selected for its “high-quality pedigree that is ideal for Northern cities such as Pittsburgh”.

What is PNC Park known for?

PNC Park is home to the Pittsburgh Pirates MLB team in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Since 2001, PNC Park has been known as one of the best MLB ballparks today. The stadium sits on the Allegheny River with fantastic views of downtown Pittsburgh.

What food is PNC Park known for?

Home of the famous Pittsburgh Cone, a waffle cone overflowing with kielbasa, pierogi, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut and Russian dressing. Don’t think too much, just dig in!

Where is the Crows Nest in PNC Park?

Crow’s Nest. This outdoor “Arnold Palmer Spiked Bar” is located behind section 108. The bar itself is in a relatively small space, but there’s plenty of patio seating options around it with tables overlooking the cityscape and lounge chairs, too.

Do the Pirates still have all you can eat seats?

And so without much fanfare and with almost no negative feedback, the Pirates eliminated the all-you-can-eat sections altogether in 2018. In its place this year is the Pirates Cove, where tickets are $30 for every game, which in itself is a miracle.

Is Pirate Cove real?

Pirate’s Cove is well protected for the public. A historic use precedent keeps the trails open, even if a promised offer to dedicate the land as open space never materializes. And as for the beach–the actual sand is owned by the Port San Luis Harbor District.