How long has spring air been in business?

How long has spring air been in business?

Founded in 1926 in Chicago, Spring Air has a rich history as a leading mattress licensing organization. It consistently ranks among the top 20 U.S. mattress brands, and its sales in 2017 exceeded $75 million.

Is it OK to put an air mattress on a bed frame?

You can’t place an air mattress on a standard bed frame. Standard bed frames feature slats not meant to hold air mattresses, so placing an air mattress on them results in a mattress that constantly slides over. Instead, you can place an air mattress on plywood, a mattress topper, or a box spring.

Why did they stop making Flippable mattresses?

The short answer is to save money. Not having a flippable mattress saves money for the manufacturer and usually that is why they can offer their mattresses at a competitive price and make a much larger profit.

What do you put under an air mattress?

Most air mattresses have vinyl or plastic underneath to prevent movement and sliding. That will squeak all night on a hardwood floor. Opt to place it on carpet, a rug, or drop a blanket under it. 6.

Can you use a box spring with an air mattress?

If your mattress isn’t that high, you can use a box spring instead of a standard bed frame. Box springs have a flat surface, and they are sturdy enough to support a heavy mattress, so your airbed should be fine.

Can you use an air mattress as a regular bed?

An air mattress can be a great option for everyday use if you’re looking for a cost-effective way to customize firmness, or you need the flexibility of stashing your bed during the day.

Can bed bug live on air mattress?

Bedbugs can get on an air mattress. The tiny creatures can get on any type of mattress. However, with an air mattress, bed bugs can only get on the surface mainly because of how these types of mattresses are constructed. Air mattresses are mostly constructed with polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

Can I use an air mattress as a regular bed?

An inflatable mattress is not known for the support it provides. While it might be okay to sleep on once in a while, long-term use could lead to back pain and stiffness. Without adequate support, your spine will be out of alignment, and so you won’t have a restorative sleep.

What can I put under my air mattress to keep it warm?

Use A Foam Pad. A foam pad retains more body heat than other materials. Putting a foam pad like this one under the air mattress will provide minimal air circulation underneath the bed. As a result, your body heat will increase the temperature of the air mattress.

What is the spring air back supporter mattress series?

The Spring Air Back Supporter mattress series offers you a combination of exceptional back support…

What are the reviews of the spring air back supporter four seasons?

The Spring Air Back Supporter Four Seasons collection has 290 ratings and 6 reviews on GoodBed. Spring Air® originated the concept of dual temperature comfort in the 1990’s with the first generation Four Seasons product.

What is the back supporter mattress?

The center zoning delivers longer lasting back support, whether by high density coils or the body contouring individually encased-coil design. There is a Back Supporter mattress that will deliver the right support for you.

Why spring air beds?

From the very beginning of Spring Air more than 86 years ago, pressure relief, proper spinal support, and alignment has been a fundamental focus in all of our bed designs. Based on 1,380 real owner experiences with this brand.