What does at your disposal meaning?

What does at your disposal meaning?

Definition of at someone’s disposal : available for someone to use : available for whatever one needs We had plenty of money at our disposal. Do you need some help? I’m at your disposal.

Is it correct to say at your disposal?

Definition of ‘at one’s disposal’ If you have something at your disposal, you are able to use it whenever you want, and for whatever purpose you want. If you say that you are at someone’s disposal, you mean that you are willing to help them in any way you can. Do you have this information at your disposal?

How do you say I am at your disposal?

at your disposal

  1. available. There are three small boats available for hire.
  2. ready. I’m afraid I don’t have much ready cash.
  3. accessible. The aim is to make the system accessible to more people.
  4. convenient. The location is convenient for the airport.
  5. handy.
  6. obtainable.
  7. on tap (informal)
  8. expendable.

What is the meaning of At Your Service?

Definition of at someone’s service : ready or available for someone’s use I am happy to be at your service if you have any questions. They made sure there was a car at her service when she got there.

What is the synonym of disposal?

1 (noun) in the sense of throwing away. Synonyms. throwing away. discarding. dumping (informal)

What is another way of saying at your convenience?

“I am confident that I possess all the necessary qualifications for the position and am ready to meet with you at your convenience.”…What is another word for at your convenience?

at your leisure when convenient
at a convenient time in due course
in your own time whenever you like
when it suits you when you can
at a suitable time in a spare moment

Is it rude to say at your earliest convenience?

At your earliest convenience Although there’s nothing wrong with this phrase, it might actually be too polite, or at least too open-ended. Although you could use softer, less jaron-laden language like “whenever you have time” or “as soon as you’re able”, once again, we prefer specificity.

What is another way to say at your service?

What is another word for at your service?

available at one’s disposal
at your disposal at your fingertips
get-at-able within easy reach
yours for the asking come-at-able
ready willing and able to be had

How do you say I am at your service?

: ready or available for someone’s use I am happy to be at your service if you have any questions.

How do you use disposal in a sentence?

Disposal sentence example

  1. He insisted on leaving the vehicle at my disposal in case I needed it.
  2. The disposal of the king was now the great question to be decided.
  3. He placed himself at the disposal of the military authorities and was sent to France as a major in the Grenadier Guards.