What happened to the three women kidnapped in Cleveland?

What happened to the three women kidnapped in Cleveland?

All three women were restrained, sexually assaulted, and abused. From that 911 call, investigators uncovered what has been called a “house of horrors.” Castro was sentenced to life in prison plus 1000 years in August of 2013.

Who were the three girls held captive in Cleveland?

Berry, along with Gina DeJesus, now 29, and Michelle Knight, now 38, had been held captive for more than 9 years by Ariel Castro. Castro kidnapped each of the women between 2002 and 2004. ABC News’ Robin Roberts conducts the first broadcast interview with Cleveland kidnapping survivors, Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus.

How did Amanda Berry get out?

After years of torture, their captor, Castro, happened to leave his door unlocked when he went out. That’s when Berry took the risk and screamed for help. Charles Ramsey, who was a neighbor of Castro, kicked through the bottom of the storm door that let Amanda and her daughter escape.

What did Ariel Castro do to his victims?

The two shared a rocky marriage. She left him in the mid-1990s, after Castro subjected her and their four children to death threats and physical abuse, breaking his wife’s nose and dislocating her shoulder twice. One time, he beat her so hard a blood clot formed on her brain.

Here is a look at the kidnapping of three women in Cleveland and the case against now-deceased kidnapper Ariel Castro. Former school bus driver Ariel Castro agreed to a plea deal relating to the kidnapping, rape and assault of three young women kidnapped in Cleveland between 2002 and 2004.

What was the number of counts charged in the Cleveland kidnapping?

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Who are the 3 missing women in Cleveland?

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Where were 3 Cleveland women held captive for 10+ years?

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