What was popular in the early 2000?

What was popular in the early 2000?

20 Great Songs from the Early 2000s

  • “Hey Ya!” – OutKast. While “Ms.
  • “Bye Bye Bye” – *NSYNC.
  • “Toxic” – Britney Spears.
  • “Hollaback Girl” – Gwen Stefani.
  • “Crazy In Love” – BeyoncĂ© (feat.
  • “One More Time” – Daft Punk.
  • “Drop It Like It’s Hot” – Snoop Dogg (feat.
  • “Get Ur Freak On” – Missy Elliott.

What was the best-selling single of 2001?

The best-selling single of 2001 belongs to Mariah Carey’s “Loverboy,” which only sold some 570,000 copies.

What was the 2000’s known for?

From the Y2K bug and the HP-Compaq merger, to Apple’s rebound and an insider trading scandal, the decade saw a wealth of historic events. Here’s a look back the highlights of the 2000s. The decade was littered with recessions, stock market crashes, financial scandals, antitrust cases, and flat-out disasters all around.

What was the top 5 songs of 2001?

Top 100 Hits of 2001/Top 100 Songs of 2001

  • Hanging By a Moment – Lifehouse.
  • Fallin’ – Alicia Keys.
  • All for You – Janet Jackson.
  • Drops of Jupiter – Train.
  • I’m Real – Jennifer Lopez featuring Ja Rule.
  • If You’re Gone – Matchbox Twenty.
  • Let Me Blow Ya Mind – Eve featuring Gwen Stefani.
  • Thank You – Dido.

What are the 50 Best Songs from the early 2000s?

50 Best Songs from the Early 2000’s 1 Dammit- Blink 182 2 Sugar We’re Going Down- Fall Out Boy 3 Fat Lip- Sum 41 4 Semi-Charmed Life- Third Eye Blind 5 Stacy’s Mom- Fountains of Wayne 6 I’m Not Okay (I Promise)- My Chemical Romance 7 My Own Worst Enemy- Lit 8 The Great Escape- Boys Like Girl. I Write Sins Not Tragedies- Panic!

What were the most iconic moments in pop music history?

From Anna Nalick to Willa Ford. Real talk: the early ’00s were probably one of the most iconic moments in pop history. Boy bands and pop princesses completely dominated TRL, and while your friends may have tried to seem “cool” and above even the catchiest of tunes, there was no denying that so many mainstream jams were really, really great.

What is Outkast’s best song from the early 2000s?

While “Ms. Jackson” is another incredible early 2000s’ hit by OutKast, we’re going with their 2003 jam “Hey Ya!” A lot of people don’t know OutKast outside of this party song – which is a pity, considering ATLiens is one of the best late 90s’ albums out there.

What are some of the most’00s songs of all time?

Eden’s Crush had quite possibly the most ’00s beginning of all time: the formed on Popstars, the reality TV competition that was the girl-group answer to Making the Band (which, of course, formed O-Town). And yes, that is Nicole Scherzinger in her pre-Pussycat Doll days. 11. M2M, “Don’t Say You Love Me”