Why is my beer tap leaking?

Why is my beer tap leaking?

Check for a loose coupling nut, damage to the rubber washer, or breaks in the shank sleeve. Leaking from the spout could mean a bad lever or shaft seat washer. Beer flowing from the top of the faucet means you need to replace your bonnet washer or ball washer. The longer you wait, the more beer you lose.

How does a perlick tap work?

The lever on a Perlick faucet has a ball (or Perl) at the end of it, which swings back and forth like a pendulum when the lever is operated. The ball fits inside a floating o-ring in the front of the faucet to seal it shut.

Why is my keg leaking at the coupler?

Q-My coupler is leaking beer or gas from where hose connects? A-Make sure your beer nuts are tight and you have a washer inside the coupler (on some couplers the one way rubber valve (called a duck bill valve) also acts as a washer to seal.

Why is top of my keg leaking?

Top leak spots 1 reason this happens is a misalignment in a filling line. You must constantly check for misalignments. Also, check the centercone. As the centercone wears, it starts to create slack for the neck of the keg, and then contributes to misalignment issues and sliced rubber components.

What is a forward sealing beer faucet?

Forward sealing or ventless draft beer faucet differs from traditional rear sealing faucets in that they greatly reduce the amount of beer that is exposed to oxygen. Instead of a valve shaft controlling the flow at the back of the faucet, the flow is controlled at the front end.

How do I know if my keg coupler is bad?

Beer leaking from top of the keg Seeing bubbles or foam leaking from the top of the keg means your coupler is not attached securely. Disengage the coupler by pulling the handle out then up, disconnect it from the keg and then try again.

Should I use Teflon tape on co2 regulator?

The seal should be created by the plastic washer (or the rubber one built into the regulator) so no tape should be needed on the tank threads. Teflon tape is your saving grace on the manifold connections.

How do you replace a beer coupler?

To change from one coupler to another, first turn off the CO2 gas using the shutoff valve on your regulator. Then, on the coupler being removed, simply loosen the hex (or wing) nut fittings on both the gas and beer hose assembly and remove the hoses from the coupler.

What is a Perlick faucet?

Perlick faucets are the industry leader because of their stainless steel construction and their unique forward sealing design. They are designed to drain completely when you are done pouring so there’s no beer left in the faucet to get sticky and skunky.

What is the difference between forward and rear sealing beer faucets?

Forward sealing faucets tend to pour more quickly than rear sealing ones because the beer does not have to travel through any vents. This creates extra turbulence, which may lead to foamy beer. To help this, Perlick offers a flow control model to help consumers slow their pour down. This is the standard model of Perlick draft beer faucet.

How do you use a flow control faucet for beer?

With flow control faucets, you can adjust it towards you to reduce the speed of the beer being poured, or away from you to increase the pour speed. This does not affect the PSI levels of the beer. For foamy beer, you can reduce the speed of the pour to put an end to foamy pours.

How does a front end beer faucet work?

Instead of a valve shaft that opens and closes a valve and the back of the faucet, the flow is controlled at the front end. This means less beer gets trapped inside the flat area of the faucet body, which keeps your tap handle from sticking and is less susceptible to bacteria and mold growth.