How much does a Real Madrid ticket cost?

How much does a Real Madrid ticket cost?

How much are Real Madrid CF tickets? Real Madrid regular-season La Liga tickets range from $82 to $176. Cheap tickets can be found for as low as $58 and premium tickets may cost well over $260. Champions League tickets are more expensive and can average around $100.

Is it hard to get tickets for Real Madrid?

Tickets for Real Madrid games are notoriously hard to obtain if it is an important match (for example, against F.C. Barcelona or Atlético de Madrid).

How do you get tickets for Real Madrid match?

The official Real Madrid ticket sales website is and the only authorised ticket sales site is

How much is a Champions League ticket?

How much do 2022 Champions League final tickets cost? The prices for tickets in UEFA’s general public ballot vary from €70 (£59.40, $72.90) to €690 (£585.70, $718.30) depending on category of ticket. The clubs were selling tickets approximately in line with this pricing.

Why are seats covered at Real Madrid?

The improvements included a number of points. First, FIFA forced two-thirds of the seating area to be covered. For this reason, Real Madrid installed a roof covering the perimeter of the first and second tiers of seating, except the east side.

Can you drink at the Bernabeu?

In the Estadio Santiago Bernabéu, alcoholic drinks are not sold. Alcohol is not sold or permitted in the arena, but there is no better way to experience the atmosphere than by observing the passion and devotion of the fans.

How many days do u need in Madrid?

A first-time visitor could easily spend a week in Madrid, but many tourists often allot just 2 or 3 days before moving to the next city. Don’t worry If you find yourself crunched for time, you can easily see all the main sights on a well-organized 2-day Madrid itinerary.

How can I get UCL final tickets?

Tickets will be delivered via the official UEFA Mobile Tickets app from ten days before the match. Ticket holders will need to download the official app, which is available for Android and iPhone users.

Is Livefootballtickets com a trusted site?

Livefootballtickets is an online ticket platform, which allows individuals to purchase football tickets. The company was founded in 2004 in Madrid, Spain and has now become a trustworthy ticket site in Europe, the UK and the US.

How much does the Santiago Bernabeu cost?

Named after footballer and former Real Madrid president Santiago Bernabéu, the stadium is one of the world’s most famous football venues….Santiago Bernabéu Stadium.

Construction cost 288,342,653 Ptas (€1,732,943)
Architect Manuel Muñoz Monasterio Luis Alemany Soler Antonio Lamela (Expansion)

Where do Real Madrid fans sit?

But there was one problem; the flags and banners blocked the view to other fans from the upper seats. So, Real Madrid’s board decided to move the group from the pitch level stand to the 3rd and 4th balconies.

How much will world cup 2026 tickets cost?

Category 1 tickets cost a whopping $1,604.39 each. For comparison, ticket prices for the 2018 World Cup final ranged from $455-$1,100.

How much are FIFA 2022 tickets?

For the opening game tickets are priced at Rs 48,286, Rs 34,335, Rs 23,605 and Rs 4,291. For group matches tickets are priced at Rs 17,162, Rs 12,871, Rs 5,363 and Rs 858. For round of 16 matches tickets are priced at Rs 21,461, Rs 16,092, Rs 7,509 and Rs 1,502.