Is it worth doing MBA from FMS Delhi?

Is it worth doing MBA from FMS Delhi?

FMS is a prestigious world class management institute, which is consistently ranked among top 4 b-schools in India. It is at par with IIM-A,B, and C. It offers one of the best return of investment, such a low fee and high placements.

What is FMS Delhi famous for?

FMS Delhi is the pioneer institute in India to provide management training with a practical approach, so students would get to know how to apply them in the real world.

Is FMS a good college for MBA?

FMS Delhi is better for an MBA. The institute is ahead of IIM Kozhikode in terms of fees, placement, ROI, cutoff, and other aspects. FMS Delhi fees are only INR 1.92 lakhs, while the average CTC for the institute is INR 32.4 LPA. So, the return on investment is pretty good.

Is FMS Delhi good for MBA Quora?

It’s considered one of the finest b-schools in India, way above most of the IIMs. Faculty of Management Studies, New Delhi is, as per my knowledge, a b-school producing the highest ROI across the world. You need to qualify CAT in flying percentile to be among the 200 MBA grads at FMS.

Why is FMS good for MBA?

In terms of ROI, FMS is the leader among all other B-Schools in India. The total cost of a management degree at FMS is not even 1/10 of few other Leading B Schools of the country. The payback period is a deal-breaking factor for most MBA students but at FMS you are always benefitted.

Which is better IIM L or FMS?

FMS has various choices of roles on offer. On the other hand, IIM Lucknow has better consulting placements owing to the consulting companies inclined towards favoring the IIM brand. For finance, both the colleges are on the same level. IIM L has a slight advantage but it is balanced by the huge batch size.

Why should I join FMS?

With a practical approach of teaching theory grounded in real-world application, FMS built its reputation. Why recruit at FMS? FMS is among the few B Schools of India, where every permanent faculty member is a PhD. FMS boasts of a permanent fulltime faculty strength of , with a high student faculty ratio.

Why people choose FMS over IIM?

Both IIMs and FMS have their own brand value which they have built over the years. However, the extremely high brand value of IIMs – Indian Institutes of Management – makes them a class apart from FMS Delhi. FMS is also a renowned institution, but with a relatively low brand value when compared with IIMs.

Is IIM Lucknow better than FMS Delhi?

Why is FMS unique?

FMS is among the few B Schools of India, where every permanent faculty member is a PhD. The faculty is also involved in various consultancy programmes and MDPs. Active engagements, informed thought and dynamic teamwork makes the FMS experience unique amongst its peers.

Can I get admission in FMS without cat?

Candidates who are not exempted from the admission test are required to take the CAT exam. Shortlisted candidates are required to submit their registration forms to the Board of Research Studies (Management) at FMS. The shortlisted candidates are required to appear for a round of personal interviews.

Which is better IIM Indore or FMS?

Both FMS Delhi and IIM Indore are highly reputed institutes in this league….Comments.

Criteria FMS Delhi IIM Indore
Highest CTC 66 LPA 89.25 LPA (International) 40.5 LPA (National)
Average Salary 23.20-25.6 LPA 22.92-24.10 LPA

Should I go for FMS or IIM?

The placement opportunities offered to students at FMS is tremendous. Highly esteemed companies recruit students with splendid packages. At IIM Indore, the placement opportunities are not as magnificent as FMS….Comments.

Criteria FMS Delhi IIM Indore
Average Salary 23.20-25.6 LPA 22.92-24.10 LPA

Which is better FMS Delhi or IIM Ahmedabad?

* In 2020, as per InsideIIM ranking IIM A is 1st, IIM C, IIM B is 3rd and FMS is 4th….2019.

B-school MHRD -NIRF InsideIIM
IIM Ahmedabad 2nd 1st
Faculty of Management Studies 5th 4th
IIM Bangalore 1st 3rd
IIM Calcutta 6th 2nd

Is FMS at par with IIMs?

A fee structure of INR 2 lacs at FMS can never be compared to fees in the range of INR 22-23 lacs at the IIMs. Advantage is not just the almost-nil fees; the average compensation offered by FMS Delhi is also at par with the IIMs in consideration.

Where do FMS students stay?

Students generally live in PGs/ rent flats in the neighborhood and a few select ones get hostel (basis rank/merit). There are no sports facilities, arenas, halls, etc as part of the campus Since FMS is on the north campus which is the heart of the Delhi university, it is very well connected with public transport.

Does FMS Delhi have gym?

We have access to all sorts of facilities which includes world class swimming pool, gym, cricket and football ground. Our classes are regularly arranged in centers like conference center, main auditorium at Patel chest.

Is there hostel facility in FMS Delhi?

Hostel Facilities : FMS Delhi students are allotted to DU hostels. DU has 6 hostels for men and three hostels for women. Students can Directly contact the office of the concern hostels to apply for admission.