What do you use to deworm a guinea pig?

What do you use to deworm a guinea pig?

medication called Fenbendazole, which is commonly referred to by its trade name of Panacur. This is a liquid wormer that you will need to give your guinea pig for several days. If the guinea pig lives with others, it’s a good idea to treat all in-contact guinea pigs at the same time.

How do I worm my guinea pig?

Guinea pigs can contract worms from cat & dog faeces, so it is essential that if your own a cat or dog that your Guinea Pig does not have access to eating it. Prevention is far better than treatment for worms, so it is best to regularly de-worm them with a treatment such as Revolution, Advocate or Profender.

Do guinea pigs need dewormed?

While guinea pigs don’t require any vaccinations, they do need to be wormed every three months with a small animal wormer which can be added to their water.

How do you know if your guinea pig has worms?

Checking for worms: if your guinea pig is off its food, lethargic, losing weight, bloated, or experiencing diarrhoea, then your guinea pig may have worms. In such cases, your pet will need to go to the vets quickly to get treated.

Why are there worms in my guinea pig cage?

Flies will usually lay their eggs around the guinea pig’s anus so you might see maggots in that area. However, they may also be visible on other parts of your guinea pig or in their hutch. Sometimes people mistake the maggots for worms so if it looks like you have worms in the cage, this may also be fly strike.

Do guinea pigs need flea drops?

Can I treat my guinea pig for fleas? Yes, fleas need to be treated as soon as possible as they lay larvae on the carpet and other material items, and infestation can occur very quickly. A variety of products are available to help prevent and treat guinea pigs infested with fleas.

What do parasites look like on a guinea pig?

Skin can appear dry and scaly with the presence of scabs. These parasites are thin with no wings, and crawl over the skin, biting the guinea pig. Guinea pig can contract lice from a number of sources including direct contact with an infected guinea pig, bedding or housing.

Why are there tiny flies in my guinea pig cage?

Teenage Guinea Pig These things reproduce incredibly quickly in decaying plant matter/fungus, especially in warm, humid weather. They are harmless so no need to worry too much. I’d just give the cages a really thorough clean when you’re noticing a lot of them.

Do indoor guinea pigs get fleas?

Cavies can and do get fleas, it can happen if other animals in the house have not been treated for fleas and are bringing them in from other sources. Cats and dogs living in a home where guinea pigs live should be flea-free so they don’t pass these little monster bugs on to other hosts.

How can you tell if your guinea pig has fleas?

Signs of a flea infestation can include: Your small furry nibbling or biting at their skin. If you have more than one small furry you may see them itching too – it is likely that any other pets in the home are also infested. You may even be itching yourself, and see red bumps on your skin where fleas have bitten.