What is the main story of The Fault in Our Stars?

What is the main story of The Fault in Our Stars?

Plot. Hazel Grace Lancaster, a 16-year-old with thyroid cancer that has spread to her lungs, attends a cancer patient support group at her mother’s behest. At one meeting, Hazel meets a 17-year-old boy currently in remission named Augustus Waters, whose osteosarcoma caused him to lose his right leg.

What is the moral of The Fault in Our Stars?

Don’t get bogged down in the minutia, because it won’t matter next year, or even tomorrow. Don’t be afraid of heartbreak or struggle, because look, that’s inevitable and a part of life. You never know what the world has coming for you, so go out and make things happen.

Is fault in our stars based on a true story?

Yes, ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ is based on a true story. John Green, the author, got the inspiration for ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ after working in a children’s hospital. John Green said that the character of Hazel Grace is inspired by his friend Esther Earl who passed away due to thyroid cancer at the age of 16.

What is the saddest part of The Fault in Our Stars?

The funeral Hazel actually doesn’t give the eulogy she originally wrote for Gus, and instead gives a speech that she thinks Gus’s parents would like hearing. It’s the right choice. The camera shows Gus’s parents visibly moved, cinematography doubling as emotional slaughter. It’s a wrenching scene.

Who died first in The Fault in Our Stars?

Augustus Waters

Augustus Waters
Cause of Death Osteosarcoma
Portrayed by Ansel Elgort
First Appearance The Fault in Our Stars

What is the conclusion of The Fault in Our Stars?

The novel concludes with Hazel reading Augustus’s words. He says getting hurt in this world is inevitable, but we do get to choose who we allow to hurt us, and that he his happy with his choice. He hopes she likes her choice too. The final words of the novel come from Hazel, who says she does.

What does Hazel learn in The Fault in Our Stars?

In the film, Hazel tends to fall into the latter camp. She has spent most of her life in a bubble and has learned to hide her struggles in order to protect those around her. However, as she gets to know Augustus, she learns that you don’t always have to put up a fa├žade, and that it’s okay to not be okay.

Is An Imperial Affliction real?

Both An Imperial Affliction and its author Peter Van Houten are fictional; they were created by John Green for his book The Fault in Our Stars.

Why was Peter Van Houten mean?

When she passed away, Mr. Van Houten, after writing the novel which effectively gave her a second chance at life as a teenager, became reclusive, bad-tempered, and alcoholic due to being unable to cope with her loss.

What happened to Augustus Waters?

Gus succumbed to his cancer on July 2, 2012.

What happens to Augustus at the gas station?

He’s at the gas station and his G-tube is messed up. He doesn’t want to go to a hospital and just wants her to come help him. So she gets up and takes the car. When she gets to the gas station, she sees that Augustus is inside his car, that he has vomited, and that his G-tube looks totally infected.