Who is Rebecca in Zoey 101?

Who is Rebecca in Zoey 101?

Daniella Monet
Rebecca Martin is a guest star character that Daniella Monet played on the hit TV series Zoey 101.

Why did Chase date Rebecca?

Rebecca Martin is Chase’s girlfriend at the start of Season 3. She seems nice and sweet at first, but they broke up because Rebecca hated Zoey and was trying to tell Chase to stop being friends with her….

Last EP Zoey’s Balloon
Reason She got expelled for blackmailing Zoey.
Portrayal Daniella Monet.

Who did Lola date Zoey 101?

Vince Blake

Lola Martinez
Boyfriend: Vince Blake
Ex-Boyfriend: Chase Matthews
Kissed: Mark Del Figgalo
Date: Simon (one date)

Do Chase and Zoey ever get together?

Sean Flynn played Chase Matthews, Zoey’s best friend who was in love with her since they first met. Chase met Zoey during her first day at PCA. They finally became a couple on the “Zoey 101” series finale.

What was Zoey’s balloon secret?

Finally, Zoey reveals her secret: the little girl showing her butt on the Golden Tone suntan lotion bottles was her when she was 4 years old.

What episode was Daniella Monet in Zoey 101?

Zoey’s Balloon
“Zoey 101” Zoey’s Balloon (TV Episode 2007) – Daniella Monet as Rebecca – IMDb.

Are Quinn and Logan still together?

The Quinn and Logan relationship (in fandom, known as Quogan or Linn) is the pairing of the characters Quinn Pensky and Logan Reese….

Quinn-Logan Relationship
Shipped Characters: Logan Reese and Quinn Pensky
Relationship: Quinn Misses The Mark – present
Status: Dating/In Love

Do Logan and Quinn end up together?

Logan: I LOVE QUINN PENSKY! Quinn: AND I LOVE LOGAN REESE! Quinn and Logan revealing their love to each other at the prom in Chasing Zoey….

Quinn-Logan Relationship
Relationship: Quinn Misses The Mark – present
Status: Dating/In Love

What did Zoe tell chase in the time capsule?

Zoey Brooks (aka Jamie Lynn Spears) told Chase Matthews (Sean Flynn) that inside, she revealed how she really felt about him via video. She also said it would be mean to make him wait 20 years, so after 10, he could find out. … that was 2005.

Does chase ever tell Zoey he loves her?

Goodbye Zoey?: Chase finally tells Zoey that he loves her, indirectly though. This happens through a video chat. Trading Places: Zoey reveals her feelings for Chase and what she heard on the video chat. Chasing Zoey: Zoey breaks up with James because she wants to take Chase to the prom.