What are the dials on a watch called?

What are the dials on a watch called?

Subdials are the mini-dials that sit on the watch face or dial. Also known as auxiliary dials, subdials serve different functions—like tracking lapsed seconds, minutes, and hours, the phases of the moon, a second time zone —across mechanical and specialty watches like chronographs, calendars, and GMT watches.

Are Vostok dials interchangeable?

Vostoks makes dozens of cases, hundreds (If not thousands) of dial designs, a selection of hands, case backs, crowns, and bezels. All of them are interchangeable.

What is a sunburst dial?

Learn More. Also known as a “sunburst” dial, this style is defined by ultra-thin, almost imperceptible lines emanating from the dial’s centre. Like their namesake sun rays, these lines add a subtle texture and appear to change depending on the light.

How much does it cost to change a watch dial?

Depending on the watch, about $120 – $1500.

What are subdials on a watch?

Subdial is a mini-dial located on the face of a watch. Subdial has different functions, such as tracking seconds, minutes, hours, moonphase, second-time zone, and a power reserve indicator. This article will write down several types of subdials that often appear on mechanical watches and their functions.

Will Seiko bezel fit Vostok?

A fellow named Dave Murphy of Murphy Manufacturing (email) makes a stainless steel replacement bezel for the Vostok Amphibia. The bezel comes without an insert, and it just so happens that a Seiko SKX007 bezel insert will fit.

Are Vostok movements good?

Vostok watches are known for their awesomeness in many ways. They’re durable, the Amphibians are proper dive watches with 200m water resistance ratings, they have their own unique look, and are very affordable. But what they’re not known for is their refinement, build quality, or materials used.

What is sunburst effect watch?

One technique that watchmakers use to create a beautiful timepiece is the sunburst effect. This gives a watch beautiful transitioning colors once it is hit by the sun. A burst of color, and thus the name.

What is watch bezel?

The watch bezel is the ring that encircles the crystal glass to secure it in place. It is one of the many parts of the watch case. Bezels are usually metal but they can come in other materials such as ceramic.