What is a case flag?

What is a case flag?

Case Flags are used to indicate a noteworthy or special situation related to a case person or program.

Is Nationwide a Pacer?

The PACER Case Locator allows any registered user to search a nationwide index of federal court cases.

What is the one other type of medium you can access on Pacer?

PACER provides access to millions of case file documents and docket information for all district, bankruptcy, and appellate courts. These are available immediately after they have been electronically filed. Some case information is not available.

How do I display flags in Salesforce?

To display Case Priority flags follow the steps shown below. Go to Setup=>Customize=>Cases=>Fields. Now go to custom fields and relationships and Select New button. Now Choose field type as Formula.

What is a flag in Salesforce?

A flag field is a Salesforce formula field that displays an image when conditions are met – in this case, either a red, orange or green flag will display when the relevant conditions exist. Just like creating any custom field in Salesforce setup, go to the ‘Object Manager’, and search for Leads.

What does Pacer mean in English?

one that paces
Definition of pacer 1 : one that paces specifically : a horse whose predominant gait is the pace. 2 : pacemaker.

What are Pacers in running?

For the uninitiated, pacers, or “rabbits,” are world-class runners tasked with leading the top elites out at an agreed upon pace. They are used in many big-name races, including World Marathon Majors like Berlin, London, and Tokyo.

Are immigration cases on Pacer?

(PACER) Program As mentioned, certain restrictions may limit a person’s ability to access documents in immigration cases, but when a document is accessible, PACER allows a person to view, print and download the document.

What is PACE monitor?

The PACE Monitor is a comprehensive program for the screening, in-depth assessment and the evaluation of the progress and change of clients admitted to and proceeding through criminal conduct and substance abuse treatment programs.

What is Flag in Salesforce?

How do I use a flag in Salesforce?

Just like creating any custom field in Salesforce setup, go to the ‘Object Manager’, and search for Leads….Create a Flag Formula Field

  1. Step 1: Formula Field. Select ‘formula’ from the list of field types.
  2. Step 2: Choose Output Type.
  3. Step 3: Formula Editor.
  4. Step 4: Check Syntax.