How much is a MU-2?

How much is a MU-2?

Depending on the model, MU-2s hold six to nine passengers; they also cruise at 315 knots, land on very short and rough fields and have a range of 1,100 nautical miles. Prices vary from $160,000 to $800,000, depending on model and condition.

Does the MU-2 require a type rating?

Since the MU-2 weighs less than 12,500 lb, a type rating is not required to fly the plane, so pilots only need a multi-engine rating.

Does the MU-2 have ailerons?

The MU-2 does have trim ailerons for lateral trim. The spoilers are effective in a wide range of speeds and they are located on the wing ahead of where airflow is disrupted during a stall, so plenty of roll control is available at low speeds.

Is the MU-2 safe?

The MU-2 is the only airplane recognized by the FAA to be capable of safely escaping severe icing. Let me say that again – out of all the airplanes the FAA recognizes (commercial airliners included), the MU-2 is the most capable when it comes to icing conditions.

Does Mitsubishi make planes?

Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation (三菱航空機株式会社, Mitsubishi Kōkūki Kabushiki-gaisha), abbreviated MITAC, is a Japanese company that develops, produces, sells and supports the Mitsubishi SpaceJet (formerly MRJ) passenger airliners.

Is the MU-2 hard to fly?

I was surprised to find that the MU-2 was one of the most solid, easy to fly airplanes I have ever had the pleasure to fly. Right out of the chocks I felt completely comfortable. Steep turns, slow flight, stall recovery from the shaker, single-engine approaches-we did it all. My first landing was acceptable.

What is an Embraer aircraft?

Embraer S.A. (Portuguese pronunciation: [ẽbɾaˈɛɾ]) is a Brazilian multinational aerospace manufacturer that produces commercial, military, executive and agricultural aircraft, and provides aeronautical services. It was founded in 1969 in São José dos Campos, São Paulo, where its headquarters are located.