Is Infoblox IPAM free?

Is Infoblox IPAM free?

The Infoblox IPAM Freeware is a limited version, with IPAM only, of the Infoblox NIOS solution which has additional capabilities such as DNS/DHCP management, grid technology, NTP and file distribution using FTP, TFTP and HTTP.

What is Infoblox IPAM?

Infoblox IPAM provides tools that integrate the allocation, administration, and tracking of your entire network space. With Infoblox IPAM, you can configure networks and allocate IP addresses to network devices. You can also use Infoblox BloxOne DDI host records to centralize the management of DNS and DHCP data.

What is the difference between IPAM and DHCP?

DHCP provides dynamic IP address assignment for nodes logging into the network, together with configuration capability automatically inherited from the address plan tree. IPAM supports these critical technologies by enabling efficient management of IP addresses across the network.

What is Infoblox Grid Manager?

The Grid Manager serves all monitoring and reporting data to the Infoblox Grid Manager application, including the status of member devices, real-time and historical views of DNS and DHCP data, and service logs.

What is Microsoft IPAM?

IP Address Management (IPAM) is an integrated suite of tools to enable end-to-end planning, deploying, managing and monitoring of your IP address infrastructure, with a rich user experience.

What is IPAM software?

IP Address Management (IPAM) is a method used to plan, track and manage information associated with a network’s Internet Protocol address space. Using IPAM software, administrators can make sure the repository of assignable IP addresses stays up-to-date.

How do I deploy IPAM?

To install IPAM Server using the Windows interface

  1. On the Server Manager Dashboard page, click Add roles and features, click Next twice, and select the IPAM server from the server pool.
  2. Click Next twice and then on the Select features page, select the IP Address Management (IPAM) Server checkbox.

Should I use IPAM?

You should choose an IPAM solution capable of providing detailed information on the organization’s network health, meeting compliance needs, and securing the network from unusual network patterns or a network breach.

Why do you need IPAM?

IPAM brings a centralized repository used to build an inventory of the networks, subnets and IP addresses (private and public). It allows administrators to maintain accurate and current records of IP assignments and available addresses.

What ports does infoblox use?


IP Protocol Port Source/Destination
TCP 443
TCP 443
TCP 443 DNS server
UDP 123