Which hall in Legon is the best?

Which hall in Legon is the best?

Sarbah Hall is the first hall to be named after a hero of the nation, Dr. Mensah Sarbah. The hall is undoubtedly the best mixed-hall on campus having won many laurels. The hall boasts of a traditional outfit known as the “OKPO”(Common Sense Rules).

How many halls are in Legon?

The university is primarily residential, providing accommodation in Halls of Residence for both undergraduate and postgraduate as well as flats and guest rooms for senior members and guests. There are 16 halls of residences which are listed below.

Is akuafo Hall mixed?

Akuafo Hall There are 4 annexes in addition to the main hall, and it is a mixed-hall.

When was Akuafo Hall established?

Akuafo Hall was established in 1953. The Hall Council in 1954 decided to name the Hall Akuafo to commemorate the generous gesture of the farmers of Ghana in giving money for the foundation of the University College.

Who is a Hall Master?

The leader of a branch division was called the Hall Master. Because there were too many Hall Masters scattered throughout the continent, their status wasn’t considered too high.

How many halls are in Knust?

Six Halls of
There are Six Halls of residence and a number of hostels on the University Campus. They are Queen Elizabeth II, Unity, Independence, Republic, University, and Africa Halls. All the Six Halls of residence are mixed (Male and Female).

What are the names of the halls in Legon?

Below are descriptions of the halls of residence; Commonwealth Hall, Legon Hall, Mensah Sarbah Hall, Volta Hall, Akuafo Hall and Jubilee Hall at the University of Ghana, Legon. Commonwealth Hall (the university’s only male hall of residence).

How much is the hostel fee for UPSA?

For four (4) in a room, students are expected to pay a total of GH¢ 770.00 including GH¢ 30.00 as Hall Dues and GH¢ 20.00 as “UPSA hostel initial electricity credit”. For two (2) in a room, students are to pay GH¢ 1,510.00 including GH¢ 30.00 as Hall Dues and GH¢ 40.00 as “UPSA hostel initial electricity credit”.

Does UPSA have hostels?

HOSTEL B (NEW HOSTEL) Students will be required to pay their academic facility user fees for the particular semester before they can get access to the Hostel System for booking. Students are to read the Rules and Regulations governing the Hostel on the University’s website (upsa.edu.gh) before applying.

How do I choose a hall in KNUST?

  1. Login with your Application Number and PIN.
  2. Select the Make a reservation button to view available accommodation.
  3. Read and accept the accommodation instructions.
  4. Select accommodation from the list available.
  5. Logout of the system and proceed to a paypoint to pay residential fees.

How many halls are in UCC?

six Halls
There are six Halls of Residence located on the University of Cape Coast campus. Every student is affiliated to one of these halls.

How do I get a hall in Legon?

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Click on “Residence Registration” under the Student iEnabler (on the left side of the screen).
  2. Click on “Submit Residence Registration”.
  3. Then click on the year (in blue).
  4. There will be a display confirming the Hall and Room number.
  5. Click on “I Accept” to confirm.