Are deeds public record in Arkansas?

Are deeds public record in Arkansas?

Arkansas deeds and general document recording are handled by the Circuit Court Clerk in each county. Records kept include deeds, mortgages, liens, and surety bonds. Only a few Arkansas counties provide online access to recorded documents.

Where are deeds filed in Arkansas?

the Circuit Clerk’s office
Arkansas Recorders The Circuit Clerk is responsible for recording real property documents. Warranty deeds, easements, and other instruments pertaining to real property located in the respective counties can be recorded at the Circuit Clerk’s office.

What is a warranty deed in Arkansas?

An Arkansas general warranty deed is a deed that allows a grantor (seller) to transfer his or her real property to a grantee (purchaser) in the State of Arkansas.

What is a limited warranty deed in Arkansas?

In this situation, a Limited Warranty Deed is very similar to a quitclaim deed and only transfers any interest the State of Arkansas held in the property. The Commissioner does not guarantee usability, accessibility, or existence of the property nor can it guarantee or warrant a clear title to the property.

What is a quit claim deed in Arkansas?

Updated June 03, 2022. An Arkansas quitclaim deed is a form that is used to transfer property from a seller to a purchaser without any warranty on the title. This type of deed only transfers the interest that the seller owns which may be no interest at all or clear title to the property.

What is a redemption deed in Arkansas?

Redemption deed. (a) If the owner redeems the tax-delinquent land, the Commissioner of State Lands shall issue a redemption deed and record it in the county wherein the land is located. (b) The fee for the redemption deed and the fee for recording the deed shall be borne by the owner.

What is a red deed in Arkansas?

A redemption deed is an evidence of the payment of taxes. A redemption deed can be obtained upon payment of taxes, interest, penalty, and costs. One who redeems land from a tax sale obtains a redemption deed.