What does a high oil gas partition coefficient mean?

What does a high oil gas partition coefficient mean?

The oil:gas partition coefficient has been correlated to anesthetic potency – the higher the coefficient, the more potent the agent. The solubility of anesthetics in other tissues or in components of a breathing system, such as rubber, may also be relevant.

Is isoflurane or desflurane more potent?

Desflurane is faster acting than isoflurane with faster emergence and recovery, but is less potent.

What is the partition coefficient of isoflurane?

Isoflurane. Isoflurane is a stable liquid that has a blood:gas partition coefficient of 1.4, which is much higher than both sevoflurane and desflurane.

What is a MAC value?

0.75. The minimum alveolar concentration (MAC) value is the concentration of an inhalation anesthetic agent in the lung alveoli required to prevent movement in response to a surgical stimulus in 50% of patients.

What is the Meyer Overton rule?

The Meyer-Overton rule predicts the constant increase of anaesthetic potency of n-alkanols with increasing chain length. However, above certain length the potency vanishes.

What is the partition coefficient?

A partition coefficient is the ratio of the concentration of a substance in one medium or phase (C1) to the concentration in a second phase (C2) when the two concentrations are at equilibrium; that is, partition coefficient = (C1/C2)equil.

What is the density of desflurane?

Physical properties

Boiling point : 23.5 °C or 74.3 °F (at 1 atm)
Density : 1.465 g/cm3 (at 20 °C)
Molecular Weight : 168
Vapor pressure: 88.5 kPa 672 mmHg
107 kPa 804 mmHg

Is isoflurane or sevoflurane stronger?

Isoflurane, the most potent peripheral vasodilator in comparison to sevoflurane and desflurane, was once thought to precipitate coronary artery steal syndrome, but, as we will discuss below, this finding has been challenged by recent studies.

What is the blood gas partition coefficient of sevoflurane?

Generic name Nitrous oxide Sevoflurane
Odor Slightly sweet Sweet
Color Colorless Colorless
Pungency None Low
Solubility:blood:gas partition coefficient Very low: 0.46 Low: 0.65

What is the MAC of desflurane?

Minimum alveolar concentration (MAC) of desflurane in oxygen for a 25 year-old adult is 7.3%.

What is the MAC of desflurane in o2 and N2O?

Background: The minimum alveolar concentration (MAC) of desflurane/oxygen is 7.25% in the 18-30-yr age group, and 6.0% in the 31-65-yr age group. The addition of 60% N2O reduces MAC to 4.0 and 2.83%, respectively.

What is Overton model?

In 1900, Overton proposed a biomembrane model “Overton Biomembrane Model” which stated that biomembranes are made up of lipids. He gave this statement on the basis of observation of transport of lipid soluble substances across the biomembranes.