Does further mean more or less?

Does further mean more or less?

As an adjective, further can mean more extended, as in further delays, or additional, as in We will hold further meetings.

What does being reduced to mean?

1. to bring down to a smaller size, amount, price, etc. 2. to lower in degree, intensity, etc. 3. to demote to a lower rank.

Does reduced mean higher or lower?

If you reduce something, you make it smaller in size or amount, or less in degree. It reduces the risks of heart disease. If someone is reduced to a weaker or inferior state, they become weaker or inferior as a result of something that happens to them.

How do you use further?

When used as an adverb, further expresses a relationship to a place or time, something additional or to a greater degree.

  1. I have much further to go before I can stop for the night.
  2. We need to research further into this matter.
  3. He was further annoyed by a second interruption.

What does further mean in math?

Further Mathematics is the title given to a number of advanced secondary mathematics courses.

How do you use reduce in a sentence?

take off weight.

  1. He would not reduce it in price.
  2. They petitioned the government to reduce taxes.
  3. The aim is to reduce traffic at peak periods.
  4. Aspirin should help reduce the fever.
  5. We need to reduce the speed slightly.
  6. Our aim is to reduce road casualties .
  7. Better street lighting might help to reduce crime.

What is reduce with example?

To reduce is to make something smaller or to become or feel smaller, or forcing someone into a less desirable position. When you sell off half of your doll collection, your actions are an example of reduce. An example of reduce is when your stomach gets smaller because you are on a diet; your stomach reduces.

What does it mean to go further?

To continue something, or to continue to do something. continue.

What is a reduced number?

In mathematics, reduction refers to the rewriting of an expression into a simpler form. For example, the process of rewriting a fraction into one with the smallest whole-number denominator possible (while keeping the numerator a whole number) is called “reducing a fraction”.

What is it called when you reduce something?

deplete. verb. to reduce the amount of something or the number of things.

Is further away correct?

People use both further and farther to mean “more distant.” However, American English speakers favor farther for physical distances and further for figurative distances.