Where can I play airsoft in the US?

Where can I play airsoft in the US?

Airsoft Fields in the United States

  • Alabama. Apache Tactical Airsoft.
  • Arizona. Disruptive Paintball and Airsoft.
  • California. Airsoft Battleground.
  • Colorado. American Paintball Coliseum – Indoor.
  • Connecticut. Ground Zero Airsoft Field.
  • Florida. Area 41 Airsoft.
  • Georgia. AllStar Airsoft.
  • Hawaii. Hawaii Extreme Paintball / Airsoft.

What is the biggest airsoft field in America?

Ballahack Airsoft

  • 2900 Ballahack Road, Chesapeake, VA 23322.
  • Phone: (757) 685-3356.
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What is the best airsoft field in the US?

Airsoft Fields in the United States

  • Best Airsoft Fields in the USA.
  • New York – Rochester Airsoft.
  • Virginia – Ballahack Airsoft Field.
  • New Jersey – Cobra One Tactical Airsoft Field.
  • California – US AIRSOFT WORLD.
  • Tennessee – GSF Airsoft.
  • Florida – Wasteland OPS Airsoft Field.
  • New York – Strikeforce Sports.

What is the biggest airsoft field in the world?

Gamepod Combat Zone
Gamepod Combat Zone The World’s Largest Indoor Airsoft Arena! Designed from the ground up by Law Enforcement and avid Airsofters, Gamepod Combat Zone Inc. is the USA’s premier Airsoft Arena with one mission, Create the largest most well equipped indoor Airsoft CQC/MOUT facility in the world!

What sniper does Swamp sniper use?

Sniper ASG M40A3 Sportline
Description. The Swamp Sniper ASG M40A3 Sportline package is the best bang for the buck bolt action sniper rifle. This package includes The M40 A3 Sportline bolt action sniper rifle.

Who owns Ballahack airsoft?

Christopher Wratten – Owner
Christopher Wratten – Owner – Ballahack Outdoor | LinkedIn.

Do airsoft fields provide guns?

How much do airsoft fields charge? Prices vary from field to field but usually fall between $10 and $35 for a day of play. Some fields host special events and offer rental equipment (airsoft guns, bbs, protective gear, etc.) for an additional price.

Why airsoft is a good sport?

It is a fantastic way to work on your cardio and get that heart pumping. Much more exciting than running on a treadmill (and probably less expensive). High adrenaline activities such as airsoft are proven to be effective and keep your body – and mind – sharp as well.

Who owns Ballahack Airsoft?

How old do you have to be to play airsoft in Ohio?

Players under the age of 18 must have a waiver form signed by their parent or guardian before they will be allowed to play. Online waivers are available on our website. You can also pre-register and pay online prior to the event.