How do I connect to sunny WebBox?

How do I connect to sunny WebBox?

Connect the Sunny WebBox directly to the computer using the blue network cable (crossover cable). Connect the plug-in power supply to the Sunny WebBox and insert into the power socket.

Why is my Sunny Portal not working?

The most common reason is failure of the data upload. Please check the event log of your data logger. When sending data via a modem, it may happen that the byCall provider used has changed its phone number. Ensure that the dial-up into the Internet is working.

What is PIC and rid Sunny Portal?

Description. General information and registration process of Product Identification Code (PIC) and Registration Identifier (RID) Explanation. The PIC and RID are required only if you own a sytem with Webconnect technology or with a Sunny Home Manager.

What is sunny WebBox?

The Sunny WebBox is the ideal monitoring solution for large solar plants. It receives and stores current measurement values and transmits data via Bluetooth or RS485, keeping you informed of system performance 24 hours per day. In the event of a problem, the Sunny WebBox allows you to react quickly.

How do I reconnect to Sunny Portal?

Once successfully logged into the SMA Sunny Portal APP, click the MENU button on the top right side of your screen, and select USER SETTINGS. Select START THE INSTALLATION ASSISTANT. Scroll down to the TYPE OF COMMUNICATION option and click the WLAN tab. Then select ACTIVATE WLAN.

Does solar work without Wi-Fi?

Although you don’t need the internet for your solar array to produce an electric current, you do need the internet if you want to monitor your panels.

What is Sunny Portal access data?

Sunny Portal is an Internet portal for the monitoring of systems as well as the visualization and presentation of system data.

What is sunny WebBox used for?

The Sunny WebBox allows central access to your plant data on the Internet via Sunny Portal. What is the SMA Sunny Portal? It is a PV system monitoring online tool for residential systems or commercial PV plants, helping you save time and money.

How do I connect my inverter to WiFi?

To synchronize the inverter to your local wireless network, select the “WLAN” tab and search for the local wireless network the inverter is connected to. Select that wireless network’s “Settings” icon. The router will then assign an IP address to the inverter if DHCP is enabled in the router.