How do you write a school feature article?

How do you write a school feature article?

A feature article should,

  1. Explore a topic or issue of current importance.
  2. Follows narratorial conventions (i.e. There is a plot, complication, and conclusion)
  3. Written in short paragraphs.
  4. Combine facts and opinions.
  5. Provide a perspective or angle about the topic or issue.
  6. Includes catchy features (eg.

What are the features of article writing?

Steps to Writing Feature Articles

  • The Headline. The headline or title of the article should grab the readers’ attention quickly so they’ll keep reading.
  • The Deck.
  • The Introduction.
  • The Body.
  • The Conclusion.
  • Be Conversational.
  • Don’t Be Afraid of Opinions.
  • Remember You’re Still a Reporter.

What are the 4 types of feature articles?

Different Kinds of Feature Stories

  • Human interest. Involves persons rather than things.
  • Interviews. Usually done with prominent persons.
  • Informational features. Of historical, social, practical interest.
  • Personality sketch. Develops a total picture of the person.
  • Featurettes.

How do you feature a school?

10 Features of a Great School

  1. A very clear and shared mission and vision for the school.
  2. Very clear goals and objectives which are communicated to the staff, students, parents and wider community.
  3. Great leadership from the principal.
  4. A relentless focus on teaching and learning.
  5. Parental involvement in the school.

How do you write a feature writing sample?

5 Tips for Writing a Captivating Feature Article

  • Do your research. Feature stories need more than straight facts and sensory details—they need evidence.
  • Have a compelling headline.
  • Open with intrigue.
  • Connect the dots.
  • Make sure it pays off.

What are the types of feature writing?

Types of Feature Stories in Journalism

  • News Feature.
  • Informative Feature.
  • Personality Sketches.
  • Personal Experience Story.
  • Human Interest Feature Story.
  • Historical Feature.
  • Interpretative Feature.
  • Popularized Scientific Feature.

What are the 7 types of feature articles?

The seven different types of features in journalism are profile, round-up, how-to, personal experience, review, travelogue, and obituary articles.